Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

I'm sitting here, waiting for little trick or treaters to make their way up my sidewalk and knock on my door.  Where are they?  It's been 30 minutes since trick or treat started, and not one child yet.  Porch light is on  (that was last years mistake.  "why are they skipping our house?"), candy is in bowl, I weedwacked the weeds in the yard so we wouldn't be "those" neighbors,  my house looks clean if you just stand at the front door.  Everything is ready, and not one kid yet.  I seriously look forward to trick or treat night every year since I have been an adult.  I love passing out candy.  Really.  Well, I'm sure they'll get here at some point.  

We decided what we're doing about vaccines... for now.  We are going to wait until Ezekiel is two months according to his adjusted age (ie two months after his due date) to possibly start some of the vaccines on an alternate schedule.  We know we don't want hepatitis B, Polio, and DTaP.  We're still researching the rest.  I've added more links to vaccine websites off to the right, and there are some good ones there.  I am so tired of being asked about this at the NICU.  We've already explained many, many times to many different doctors what our plans/views are.  Another doctor asked again yesterday, and said he wanted to sit down and talk about it today.  SOOOO I printed off 40 or 50 pages worth of information about vaccines, and then went through it all and highlighted everything that I thought was pertinent to our situation.  Good thing I got up early this morning.  I took it in to give to said doctor, and guess who wasn't there?  Yup.  It's ok, I will shove it all in his hands the next time I see him.  I will say, "here are some of the reasons we don't want to vaccinate just yet.  If you want to give me any reading materials, I will gladly read them."  (two little ninjas just came to my door!)  I hope he will actually read some of the stuff I give him.  I could go on, but I will stop.  Can't they just write it in our file that we plan to wait until he is older to start vaccinations, and just stop hassling us about it?  Ok, stopping now.  

I think that's all I have to say today.  I will have to put a picture of Zeke in his costume up later.... I don't have one just yet, but he's awfully cute!


Nathan and Aimee said...

Maybe you put out the vibe that you wouldn’t give good treats. Halloween is filled with high-fructose corn syrup, high sugar, loads of milk chocolate, MSG and everything that is bad for you. Since you have made it known that you have sworn off at least half of these they fear that you will give them raisins, apples, prunes, pencils or other healthy alternatives. Maybe you should try a sign, "We Have Chocolate and Tooth Decaying Candy"

Happy Holloween,

Sarah said...

Our doctor let us go slowly with the vaccines. Our daughter got her first ones when she was 5 months old and then we only did two max at each visit. I don't think they should get 3 or 4 at a time and our doctor agrees. Good luck with your doctors! I think your plan to wait until his adjusted age milestones sounds good.

We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating tonight. I will put up photos on my blog soon.

Nathan and Aimee said...

I can't wait to see Zeke in his costume! Pictures fast! Also, I think you are being so smart in handling the vaccinations (and the doctors). You're doing a great job! Thanks for all the extra links. Please, please pray for me today! I am in a wedding and I am wearing super high heels for the first time. And I'm the first one down the aisle.


Luanne in Ohio said...

Hi Ezekiel -

This is your Grandma Luanne in Ohio. I hope you had a great first Halloween, and I hope your mommy got to hand out lots of candy....more than to just 2 Ninjas! We have a Trick or Treat Open House at the police station where I work, so I got to hand out lots of candy. I was a clown....a happy clown, not a scary clown. But some of the little guys like you were still scared of me. How are you doing with your bottle, little man? Any of that good mommy milk making it into your tummy yet? or still dribbling down your chin? I love you....bunches! Love, Grandma

Luanne in Ohio said...

To Kristin -

I have some ADORABLE pictures of Emily and Saylor at the Trick or Treat Open House last night. I will email them to you, Sarah, Michelle and Susie in a few minutes, so check your email.

Love, Mom

Kelly Doyle said...

Don't worry, we don't even buy candy anymore because we know no one is going to come to our house. It's depressing! I love the little kiddies in their costumes...:)

daniel said...

Hi Kelly! :) You have a blog! I will add you to my friends. :)