Monday, October 27, 2008

OH my goodness I can't believe I haven't posted in a week!  My how the time flies.  Between the hospital, pumping, sleeping, showering, taking care of animals, cooking (haven't done much of that), and doing any sort of cleaning (haven't done much of that, either...) I seem to run out of time to post.  I'm trying to get back on a normal schedule instead of my stay-up-till-3-sleep-in-till-10 schedule.  I don't like that schedule.  But the wee morning hours have been my usual blog-update time, and so hence no blogs lately.  
Ok so here is the Zeke update:  He is 4lbs 13oz!!  He is still on 3.5 on the vapotherm, but they may bump him back up to 4 because he has been breathing really fast and requiring more oxygen support.  We don't know exactly what's up with that; it could be that a portion of his
 lungs are colapsed again.  Hopefully that will correct itself soon.  Exciting news:  He's off contact precautions!!  YAY!! And He's wearing clothes!  He looks sooo darn cute, too.  Ok time for a million pictures!

Time with daddy.

These are the booties I made him.  They will fit for a while!

I am super frustrated with blogger right now.  Is anyone else having a hard time uploading pictures and getting the format right!??  GRR!  


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

He's so super cute in his clothes!!! Doesn't that make him seem so much more like a 'real' baby?? Glad you can finally snuggle again with him :)

Luanne in Ohio said...

What adorable pictures!!!! You are getting there, little guy!!
You keep growing...we'll keep praying! Love, Grandma L in Ohio

J. Pike said...

Awww what adorable pictures! I think that's the first time I've seen you in a picture with him! Mommy and baby! I have missed your blogs, but glad you're back! I'm on vacation this week if you ever get bored and want to chat!

Sarah said...

Wow, he looks great in his booties and is that a "future president" t-shirt? LOL. You'll have to let Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell know so that they can endorse him. I've missed your posts this past week. I'm sorry blogger is giving you a hard time with uploads. I'm so glad that Ezekiel is doing better.

Kristin said...

Sarah-- it IS a future president t-shirt! I was wondering if anyone would figure it out :)

Sorry to all for not posting this past week. I'll do better this week.