Thursday, October 16, 2008

So this is a little lengthy... but worth watching.

This is the Constitutional Party candidate for president Chuck Baldwin talking about abortion and congressman Ron Paul's Sanctity of Life Act. We are voting for this dude. I know he won't win, but I just can't vote for either McCain or Obama. This is who Ron Paul is endorsing for president.

I have always been against abortion, but after seeing such tiny tiny babies in the NICU, I feel much more strongly than I did before. There is a 24 week, 1lb 1oz baby in there with us. Her name is Elizabeth. And she is alive and doing well outside her mother's womb. It is a horrible evil that the so-called pro-life republicans have had the ability to overturn roe vs. wade for so many years and haven't done so. I can't even write about it- it makes me too angry. I think the information in this video speaks for itself.


J. Pike said...

I know what you mean about feeling stronger about anti-abortion. I do believe in a woman's choice, but after having baby Pike growing inside me...hearing his heart beat at 7 weeks gestation and seeing him and feeling him move around in my belly....the thought of someone "thinking" 1st trimester abortions are humane-makes me queasy. So many girls and women make this decision and regret it afterwards, whether it's immediately or down the road. I don't even believe in abortion if the child is going to have a disability-mental or managable physical. Ugh! The thing that makes me really mad though, is the people who have kids and don't care for them properly. People should have a license to be a parent. Can't we regulate who becomes a parent somehow? I should have just stopped at the top of this post like you did because I could go on all day! In the end though, I don't think it should be completely illegal. I don't know what the stipulations should be though. Who knows all the reasons why girls/women have abortions. OK, I'm stopping now.

Kristin said...

Jamie- You're right, everyone I know who has had an abortion has deeply, deeply regretted it. It's so so sad for both the lost child and the hurting mother. I think the ideal situation would be that everyone is knowledgeable, compassionate, and self-less enough to the point where they would not want to get an abortion. Or just responsible enough to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (barring rape, which only accounts for less than 1% of abortions).

I also wish people needed a lisence to be a parent.... except who would decide what the standards are to get that lisence? Depending on who makes the standards, I may not qualify, and I consider myself fit to be a mother. God has been gracious enough to give almost everyone the ability to have children. Even the best parents in the world pale in comparison to the way God is a good Father to us :) But of course, I completely understand what you mean. I get really frustrated when I see parents blowing smoke in their kids faces, etc. And it always seems like those are the sort of people who never have any trouble getting pregnant. Grrr.....