Friday, October 17, 2008


Ezekiel weighed 4lbs 3oz today. Just one more ounce and he will be double his birthweight! He is doing a whole lot better than the last few weeks, although the doctors tell us his lungs are still quite full of mucus. Poor little guy. We've been able to hold him a lot more because.... he moved into a big boy bed! He is no longer in his incubator, he is in an open crib. He was able to move because he is now keeping his temperature up on his own. He seems to like being held, and is starting to stare at us for longer periods of time. He also chomps away on his paci durring most of his waking hours. Soon enough we will be able to start trying to bottle/breast feed. The doctors have talked about the possibility of him going home on oxygen. I'm not too excited about that, I wish he could come home with no "strings" attached. But... it would be better to have him home sooner rather than later.


Luanne in Ohio said...

Good Morning, Sweet Ezie -
This is your grandma in Ohio, and you started my day with a smile by being in your video. Have a BLESSED day today, little man, and keep growing. And, we're praying for your lungs and every other part of you. Give your mommy and daddy a big smile today.
Love, Grandma in Ohio

Sarah said...

Awww! He's really growing! My son wanted to say, "It's Baby Ezekiel" but the way he pronounced it was "It's Baby Angel"! We are praying for you all everyday. :) It must be encouraging to see him sucking on the pacifier. I hope you get to try breastfeeding soon.

Kristin said...

Sarah-- hopefully soon we can try. I think some of the docs think it's ok for him to try suckling, while others want to wait until the settings on his vapotherm (the thing in his nose) are lower. So, for now we have to wait. I am hoping sometime next week. :)

I love the "baby angel" thing-- that's so cute! :) :)

J. Pike said...

Oh my gosh he is just so little, seeing him next to your hand! Awwww, I want to hold him! Daniel did the opposite and told Josh NOT to come visit because of the economy and that we should save! BOOOOOO Daniel! lol. If Josh would EVER talk to Dad about the land situation, we might still be able to make it. I really want to. So, we'll see! How soon did the doctor's say Ezie could go home on the oxygen? That's exciting to think of him being HOME.

Kristin said...

Jamie- there is no set time when he will come home-- I ask all the time, "roughly how soon do you think he could come home?" They NEVER give a time frame. They say, "it's up to Ezekiel. We have to see how he does." But it looks like it will be at least another month.