Sunday, November 2, 2008

He went as a preemie

He couldn't quite make it out of the hospital to get candy, but you get the idea.  :)  Thanks for the cute costume grandma!

Is anyone else having a hard time with blogger lately?  I don't know what they changed, or if it's just our computer, but I can no longer drag the pictures I upload to new locations.  I am also having a hard time getting it to let me type where I want to (ie between pictures).  Is this just me?

Onto more important things.... Ezekiel weighs 5lbs 3.9oz today.  He's getting nice and chunky.  He's starting to get nice fat baby thighs, oh so cute.  He's so precious.  We are working on his suck/swollow/breathe reflex.  Right now he has a hard time remembering to swollow, so we are dipping his paci in milk or sugar water (blah!) and feeding it to him so he can try to just swollow one drop at a time.  He seems to be doing well!  Hopefully soon we will be able to try and breastfeed him.  He will be full-term on tuesday.  I can't believe it!  He will be 13 weeks on wednesday, and he will be three months on thursday.  What a big week for him!  

In other news (why is this my new favorite phrase?), I haven't lost a SINGLE pound since Ezekiel was born.  In fact, I have gained 3 or 4lbs.  What is wrong with my body?!  Barring halloween night, I haven't been eating junk food at all.  In fact I don't think I was eating enough food period for a while, because my milk supply dropped, and then when I started eating more it went back up again.  I have never been so..... curvy(?) in my life.  I gained 30 lbs while I was pregnant.  Wow.  Today I got out all my size 6 jeans and decided to give them to a friend.  I'm pretty sure I will never wear those again.  I've kept them for, oh, I don't know, 7 years??  The size 8's, though, I took out (actually taped one pair to the pantry door downstairs!) to remind me that I want my figure back.  I need to start excercizing.  The main thing, though, is that I think my thyroid is completely out of wack.  I mean, I've never met a woman who didn't loose at least 5-10lbs post-partum.  I am 3 months post partum and weigh MORE than I did while I was pregnant.  Hello!!!!!  I have a doctors appointment friday, and I am hoping that they will check my thyroid levels and give me a prescription for cynthroid (thyroid meds) so that my body can start working again.  I mean, I am soo exausted all the time.  I sleep a good 7-8 hours every night, and still have no energy all day.  Coffee hardly works at all, and without coffee I am seriously a complete zombie.  I could fall asleep standing up.  It's that bad.  Normally I am not a prescription sort of person, and would rather "tough it out" than take a tylenol for a headache, but I can't take feeling so crappy and being so chunky anymore.  And there is nothing to fix a broken thyroid other than medicine.  Grr.  

Oh someone, please just wave a magic wand and give me back my cute little figure.  I miss feeling comfortable in my own skin. 


Luanne in Ohio said...

Hello Baby Ezie -
This is Grandma Luanne in Ohio. You look so CUTE in your Trick or Treat outfit!! I hope some of the nurses and doctors gave you some treats....maybe at least a little milk on your pacifier.

Please remind your mommy how BEAUTIFUL she is. We are praying that those pounds come off the way she wants them to....and that the doctor (w/Jesus help) will get the thyroid working properly.

Keep growing, little man. We are praying for you!!!! Love, Grandma

J. Pike said...

Ezie is looking fuller with cute baby cheeks! How adorable and exciting! Oh how I wish we could come visit!! =( So sorry we can't be there.

Don't worry about the weight, Kristin, you are so beautiful the way you are-curves and all! But, I do know where you are coming from and I know that it's just a matter of time before things work themselves out. It's not your fault-you know it's the thyroid problem. You are one of the healthiest eaters I know! Good luck at the doctor.

Daniel and Josh are on the phone right now...going on their second hour I believe....jeesh.

I super cleaned ALL DAY today! I still have more to do, but I feel so much better about the way things are now. I took all the couch fabric off and washed it, all the dog-hairy blankets and pillows and washed and vacuumed it all! Cane is NOT allowed on the couches anymore. I made him a pillow with a blanket over it, but he isn't getting the hint yet.

I am so excited our little guy is growing so fast inside me! I am 25 weeks today and starting to feel uncomfortable when I stand up from sitting or laying down. My lower back hurts to stand and I kind of tip toe until the pain goes away. He is well above my belly button now!! That just happened in the past week.

Ok this is too long, I'm stopping!

Teresa said...


I tried to post last night but it didn't post for me so I gave up. You ARE beautiful, curves and all, inside and out. And things may never be like they used to be, because I can tell you after three kids things are not the same for me! But you learn to accept your body the way it is... and it helps that you have a husband who loves you and thinks you're perfect for him because God made you. :) Focus on your son and hopefully the doc can tell you something soon. But if not, it will be fine. One bit of good news, I did hit size 8 a few times after having children, it just doesn't last very long for me. LOL

Love you, and adorable little Zeke!

Teresa (Grandma in KY)

Melissa said...

I'm sorry that losing the weight is difficult. Just nursing should have taken off many of the pounds because your body is working harder and using more calories. I hope that the doctor listens to your concerns and knows exactly what to do to get your body to cooperate!

Yeah, I hope learning to breastfeed comes easy for Ezie. I'm excited that you'll soon be able to hold your baby in your arms instead of a pump! What a joy.