Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday and Anniversary

Today is July 22nd, which is two days after my 25th birthday and two days before our 4th wedding anniversary. We are still in KY but are getting ready to leave for Ohio/camp in the morning. We will get to spend our anniversary at Camp Sychar which is where we met and also where we got married. This will also be our first anniversary together! Yay! We are going to watch our wedding video which we have never seen.

I wish I could post pictures because I have been taking a lot on this trip. But alas you all will have to wait until we get back to Texas.

For my birthday my sister-in-law Jamie planned a surprise birthday party. I had no idea, which made it all the more fun. Party was attended by brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and a few close friends. And husband, of course... We had a nice time! I felt very loved and was blessed to be surrounded by people I care about on my birthday.

Today I am getting ready to leave with a lot of packing, laundry, cleaning-out-of-the-fridge, etc. Daniel is gone all day with his brother Josh to process chickens. They should be back soon, and we will all head up to whole foods to sample chicken for "tasty tuesday". I've got garlic-lime chicken in the crockpot right now.... hopefully it will turn out well.

The baby is doing well. I am getting huge-- I feel like a whale. My feet always hurt and now it's hard to bend over, shave legs, get out of squishy chairs, etc. And i know it will only get worse. I'm 25 weeks, about to start 26.... So I don't know if that technically counts as month 7 or not. Are you supposed to count months by groups of 4 weeks? Or by an actual full month? If it is by groups of 4 weeks then I am already in the 7th month. If it is by full months then I have 6 more days until the official start of month 7. It's all a little confusing, I think, since pregnancy is actually a bit more than 9 months. ANYWAY. I had better get back to my to-do list.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recovering toe :)

My toe is all better. The nail is still kind of weird, but it never fell off and seems to have healed and re-attached, which I contribute to God answering all my pitiful prayers to heal my toe! It is still cracked but feels fine. :)

We are up in KY again to visit family and take a vacation-- but this time we are together! Yay! Tonight I am all alone though because Daniel is out camping in a field to try and kill whatever predators keep killing our chickens (the ones on the family farm... not the ones in our yard at home). Anyhow, it just turned midnight and I have been scrubbing dishes, sweeping the floor, straightening things up, laundry, etc., trying to stay up until Daniel comes back. Of course he may be out all night.... sigh. We are having a great visit, but Daniel is staying very busy helping his brother out with the farm-- which is great--- of course--- but I miss my husband! I am proud of him though. He's wonderful.

It's fun to be up this late because the baby likes to kick now! I don't feel him move too much durring the day. I think he likes to play at night. He is getting so sooo big! we are 24 weeks and 1 day. I love this baby!

We have been having a lot of fun with big farm dinners-- me and daniel, his older brother and his wife, younger brother and girlfriend, and the other farm worker and his wife--- it creates such a nice sense of community. I can't wait until we live here! Tomorrow morning we are all having breakfast together after the guys get done with their morning chores.

Alright I think I will go now... I'm just blabbing on and on.....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This morning I took a friend to the airport. I was stupid enough to pick up a slightly heavy suitcase (I know this is a no-no) and pull it up onto the curb at the drop-off area. After I pulled it over the edge it came swinging towards my flip-flopped foot and boom--- slammed into my left big toe. OW! I looked down and my nail was broken half-way down the nail bed. The other half of the nail was sticking straight up-- I pushed it back into place, but it's not attached to the skin at all. It was horrible. I sucked the pain up for a second, said goodbye, got in the car, and started crying. I cried the whole way home. I can't believe how painful it is!! This was done around 5:30 this morning. It is now 10:47 and it is still throbbing and I can hardly walk. Grrr. I had a big to do list today. I don't know if I should go to the emergency room or not--- I don't want to be there for 6 hours, which is what will happen, I'm sure. I am so mad at myself because I shouldn't have tried to lift that suitcase anyway. Tell me what to do!! I don't know!! It is very very painful.
I always dread the next painful surprise event in my life--- you know, breaking a toenail, a deep cut, spraining an ankle, bloody wounds... I hate these things and I hate that they are always a surprise. You can never predict them. Like when daniel's dad shaved off a huge chunk of the skin on his finger.... that was awful for me, and it wasn't even my own hand! Hopefully with this broken toenail I will have no more surprise painful events for a good year or so. :) Other than childbirth of course, but that's not a surprise.