Monday, July 26, 2010

To camp!

Zeke and I are headed off to camp today! Woo hoo! I had planned to leave early this morning, but was in quite a tired funk yesterday and didn't get packed etc, so we'll be leaving post nap-time today. We've got a 7 hour drive ahead of us, not too bad. I just need to get the house in order, make a couple more dishes for Daniel to eat while we're gone, and pack. I can do that in the next couple hours, right?? Right! We'll be back in about 10 days!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I love Virginia

Virginia is a wonderful place! Can I possibly explain to you how thoroughly happy I am here? I just love it beyond words.

We're well settled-in and we've gotten into a nice routine (which you've surely noticed hardly includes blogging!). Daniel works extremely long hours right now, but he loves the job. I've been learning how to quilt! A friend over at the farm has been teaching me, and she's a great teacher. In exchange I've been teaching her how to knit- oh the crafty fun we've been having! Right now I'm working on a small crib-sized quilt for Zeke's fast approaching second birthday. Previously mentioned friend had extra squares that she had already cut which she gave me! The fabric is all boy-prints- bugs, frogs, pigs, planets, more bugs. It's predominately blue and green. I got a black and white flannel music-note fabric to go on the back and green fabric for the binding. I would put pictures up but our computer has a wee virus on my user, and I can't access my pictures from Daniel's user. Oh well! Anyway, my quilt top is done and i have the three layers pinned together to start the actual quilting. I need to stop at the sewing shop for some supplies today (did I mention there is an absolutely wonderful fabric shop in our little town? And an adorable yarn shop!! Oh sweet little town, I love you!). On Saturday I picked up fabric for my first big quilt project-- a twin sized quilt for me! Our bed is queen sized but I don't feel quite up to such a daunting project just yet. I got 7 different fabrics, all blues and tans and browns, about half some sort of flower print and the other half just various designs. I had such a hard time picking out fabric, and went in with a completely different quilt planned in my mind (namely one with pinks, pale yellows, pale blues, pale greens, and white). For some reason that just wasn't working for me and I gravitated towards all these rich blue colors. I decided to just go with my intuition. I wish I could put up a picture! I'm so excited to start this new quilt, but probably won't start it for a few weeks, as I am planning a trip to Ohio shortly.

Once the computer is fixed I will grace this poor blog with some quilting pictures!

I've also been learning to can. I love canning! And I love quilting. Both these things have been on my "learn how to" list for a very long time. It was amazing to me that as soon as we got here I crossed paths with people who not only know how to do these things but really wanted to teach me how, too! In addition to that, due to the simplicity of life the flood forced on us (aka not having to maintain all our stuff-- less stuff to clean and organize, less laundry to do, etc) I have much more time for learning. It's been such a blessing to me to learn these things! It reminds me that there is a season for everything. Now is my quilting and canning season. :)