Monday, October 20, 2008

Picture of the day

This picture isn't from today.... but I couldn't leave you all picture-less any longer.  I will take more of him this afternoon :)


J. Pike said...

He always makes me smile when I see pictures of him. He's so sweet! I can't wait to have our little boy! A little over 3 months to go!

Luanne in Ohio said...

Good evening, Ezie! Your new picture is ADORABLE! Is it Mommy or Daddy who's giving you that yummy paci? It looks like you are about to ask a question.....I wonder what it could be. I love you, little man. Love, Grandma L in Ohio

P.S. What is the setting on your VaporTherm (or whatever it's called)? Is it coming down?

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

He's so stinkin' cute!!!!

Kristin-I've been so bummed about you guys having to wear gowns/gloves and not being able to kangaroo. I've worked at 4 very different places (in different parts of the country), and this was never the practice. I've looked online at a few other hospitals as well and they also say that is not necessary-you aren't coming in contact with other patients, so washing your hands as you leave is sufficient. I just feel for you guys!!! It looks like he's doing great-workin' on his way outta there! I am definitely with you on the great importance and impact of skin to skin. I'm sure if you had any specific things to ask about the isolation stuff-they should have someone from ID (infectious disease) that could explain their practices-or be able to (and should) look into why they do it and others don't.

Kristin said...

Sarah- It's good to hear your perspective. We have been so frustrated. Esentially this whole issue is a dead horse that I keep beating. Over... and over... and over...
Ezie has finally had 2 negative cultures in a row, so if he has a third he will be able to come off contact precautions... we should know the results in a couple days.
Meanwhile, I've been holding him on my chest and strategically pulling the stupid blue gown down so that his little head can at least touch my skin. There's more than one way to skin a cat.... :)

I've asked at least twice to talk to ID and no one has gotten back with me about that.

Mom-- his vapotherm is on 3.5! And he weighed 4lbs 12oz today!

Luanne in Ohio said...

Hooray! 2 big answers to prayer.... vapotherm going down and weight going up at the same time!!!

Thanks, too, Sarah, for your blog post. It helps all the grandmas & grandpas who are so far away, too!

Everybody....please don't stop praying for Baby Ezie! We need to pray him home with good lungs, no pneumonia residue and no oxygen tank.

Have a good day, little man!!!!
Love, Grandma Luanne in Ohio