Friday, November 30, 2007

100 things about me

1. I love Jesus because he was so good. So loving. He always did what was right even if it was detrimental to him.

2. I love my husband because I choose to do so, and because he is awesome.

3. My favorite color is green.

4. I am short and I like it.

5. I really love being outside.

6. I like warm fuzzy snuggly clothes on cold days.

7. I play the piano, cello, flute, harp, and guitar.

8. I am from Ohio.

9. I like coffee.

10. I can be really lazy sometimes.

11. I don't like going to bed and don't like getting up.

12. I like chocolate.

13. I am more extroverted than I ever thought.

14. This is my first thanksgiving away from all my family (except for my hubby).

15. I really like having my own blog, even if no one really reads it.

16. I get easily fed up with people who make stupid decisions.

17. I think I am funny.

18. I think maybe I am a little stuck up. I think I am right a lot.

19. I really do try to look at other peoples views, though.

20. We don't own a TV.

21. I think the TV is pretty much awful. Sure you can find some good stuff on it, but really, just read a book instead.

22. I wish I had a bunch of cool bumper stickers on my car, but I don't.

23. I love love love animals.

24. I love children too. More than animals.

25. We want to have at least 5 kids-- at least. But we will take more.

26. Boy name for a baby: Asher (happy, gladness). Girl: Bella Lucile (beautiful bringer of light)

27. I only have one brother and I love him sooo much.

28. I love my family.

29. My heart breaks for other people's hurts.

30. I cry alot. About anything sad at all.

31. I love to paint my toenails.

32. I am cheap cheap cheap. I hate spending money on stuff (except books). I buy most of our household stuff on craigslist and get my clothes at thriftstores.

33. I have a BA degree in music and spanish.

34. I hate shaving my legs. The first time I ever did it, I only shaved half of one leg and then quit, realizing what a stupid activity it was.

35. But despite this strong feeling of drudgery, I still shave my legs. Can't seem to break free of that american paradigm.

36. I really need to do laundry. STAT.

37. My husband has blue eyes.

38. I have a pet bunny named Hunza. He is so cute.

39. I have never had a cavity.

40. Haven't been to the dentist in, oh, almost 4 years. I should go soon.

41. I prefer to be barefoot.

42. I've never been a big shoe/purse sort of girl. I use the same purse for forever.

43. My husband and I share a toothbrush. I don't care if you think that's gross.

44. I love christmas music.

45. I love listening to NPR and trying to guess the pieces/composers.

46. I refuse to get rid of my "skinny" jeans.... they will fit again!!

47. I love knitting. I am stuck in the middle of a sock right now, though.

48. I break out with rashes on my stomach when I eat too much sugar. I hope that's not too much information...

49. So..... I try to severely limit my sugar intake.

50. I refuse to buy any food with corn syrup in it.

51. We have a miniature farm in our backyard.

52. We want to be full-time organic, sustainable farmers when daniel's enlistment is up.

53. We are going to farm with Daniel's brother and his wife. Yay!

54. I really miss running around outside barefoot. You can't do that in Texas because of the ants, and it's awful!

55. I have scars on my legs now from fire ants. Grrrr....

56. I really miss Ohio but I doubt I will ever live there again.

57. It makes me sad that generations are so disconnected from one another.

58. I have a quilt that my great aunt Lucy made, and it is one of the things I treasure.

59. I wish I knew how to quilt. I think I will learn someday.

60. We have a world map on the wall in our office and I love looking at it.

61. I really REALLY REALLLLLLYYY hope that RON PAUL wins the 2008 presidential election. Look him up!

62. I am so proud of my husband. He is a good good man.

63. I really like learning.

64. I have a sensative nose. I can smell a lot of things.

65. If I could be an animal I would probably be a bird.

66. I've always wanted to go to New Zealand.

67. I wish I knew sign language.

68. I make super good homemade pizza!

69. I enjoy dusting.

70. I grind my teeth alllllll the time. I don't know when I picked up this habit, but I'm trying to stop.

71. I love my husband sooo sooooo much. I think I already said this, but really I do. Our marriage is wonderful. We become closer everyday.

72. I love my volvo station wagon. :O) It has 186,000 miles!

73. Sometimes I have strong premonitions, and then they always happen.

74. Lately I don't want to shower at all... I haven't washed my hair in days.

75. I am a hygenic person, though, really.

76. I find this list difficult to finnish.....

77. I love writing with blue pens

78. my husband and I have a huge box of letters we have written eachother.

79. my eyes are green/blue

80. If I am at home, I always put my pj's on.

81. I love checking the mail. But if it's crappy mail, I leave it outside in the mailbox.

82. I have long hair and I always want to cut it really short, but I am too scared to do so.

83. I bite my fingernails, but I cut my thumbnails.

84. I like making mocha sauce at work.

85. I could play piano for hours everyday

86. I like eggs for breakfast

87. I love that my husband's bottom teeth are slightly crooked

88. my pinki toenail is just a little sliver. Daniel thinks it's really weird.

89. Daniel and I met at summer camp when we were teenagers.

90. Most of the time I would rather make music than listen to it.

91. When I am cleaning the house I like to listen to Handel's "Messiah" and Mendelsohhn's 4th symphony.

92. We have family coming to visit on sunday and i have a lot to do before then! Ah!

93. Our garage is a mess.

94. I like having our own house but it's so much harder to keep clean than just an apartment.

95. I have a chapstick and a coffee mug fettish. I always have at least 4 chapsticks in my purse.

96. I used to have really vivid dreams, but I don't anymore.

97. I wish I still did.

98. We sleep on the floor. We don't have a bed. We like this arrangement.

99. I am thankful for good friends.

100. I am done with this list!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Daniel went to his promotion board today and passed with a recommendation!! YAY!!! This is a big burden off his shoulders- he has been studying for weeks and weeks. I will get to pin him with his new rank at the promotion ceremony. I am so proud of him!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby Bunnies

One of our rabbits, Flaxie, was pregnant and started "nesting" last night. Well, this morning when I got home from work I checked on her, and there in her little nest was a baby rabbit! But, very sadly, it was dead. I know it's just a rabbit, but I am really down about it. I don't know if it was stillborn or if Flaxie just neglected it or what, but here we are with no baby bunnies. Our other rabbit, Linsie is pregnant too, and due next week. So hopefully that will turn out better. Sigh.

I am working on a "100 things about me" list, so check back soon! It's almost done.

Our baby chickens are doing well. I should post some pictures. But not now-- too much to do today. Daniel goes to the promotion board tomorrow! YAY! That means more money for us. But, it also means more responsibility for him, soo, eh. He will be relieved to have this all over with, though.

Oh, daniel's mom came home and seems to have calmed down. Said she's sorry for the mean things she said, and said she still wants to live here. Things are ok for now....

ok I really need to go!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A sad day

Oh I am just soo sad right now because I just read an e-mail from camp sychar's president, Gary Campbell, saying that Dr. Buswell has died. If you are a sychar person, then you understand how sad this is. I mean it's great because he really loved the Lord and he got to go home, but it's really sad for his family and it is a loss for camp. I remember listening to him talk this year and thinking about him passing away and how camp would be changed because of that. And now it has happened. And poor Dr. Campbell already lost his wife durring (or shortly after?) camp this year. I just don't want good people to die. There are some people, that when they die, I feel like the world will just no longer hold any good. I know this isn't true, but it's so sad for good people to go when we live in such a crappy world that needs them. My heart is just grieving.

Well I am so sad about that, but there is also a lot of stuff going on in our lives right now, so I got on the computer to write about all that but somehow now it feels akward to write about my life after learning this sad news. But I still want to write about all of it sooo...

Today is the day before thanksgiving. Well, a few days ago daniel's mom really freaked out on us (she lives with us) and so we are having a rough patch. I don't want to go into a lot of details, but it will suffice to say that we were (are) trying to help her get her life straightened out, but it's been difficult. Anyway I guess I am most worried because she never came home last night. I haven't seen her for 3 days but I could at least tell she had been in the house (dishes in the sink, stuff moved around, I would hear her come home after we had gone to bed, etc.) I looked in her room/bathroom for a note and it looks like she packed up her essentials. No note, and we haven't heard a word. Daniel isn't too worried and pretty much fed up with everything, but I am a little worried. I wish she would at least call to tell us if she is staying with a friend or what. You can pray for her. and us.

Meanwhile, Daniel is going to the promotion board on tuesday, so he is studying ALOT. And working incredibly long days-- 12-16 hours, and then he comes home and studies. It's awful. But after tuesday things will get better.

We also got MORE chickens. So we have our 3 egg layers, and now we have 29 new chickens. I know, 29 sounds like a lot. But it's really not. I should put up a picture. They are only 2 weeks old so they are still little yellow fluff balls. They have been in a box in the kitchen, but we just put them outside yesterday. They have a 5'x7'x2' moveable, bottomless shelter with chickenwire walls and a roof over half of it incase it rains. When they are 8 weeks old they will be full grown, and we will "process" (ie kill) them and put them in the freezer. Wahlah-- our own, homegrown, pastured, totally-organic, better-than-free-range chickens. Thankyou Joel Salatin!! We have done this once before in our backyard, and it was absolutely the best chicken I've ever eaten in my life. Really, if you have a backyard you can do this and it is a great way to get healthy and affordable meat. We certainly can't afford to buy "organic" chickens at whole foods, and we don't want to because they are filthy with oil--- shipped all the way from california. ANYWHOO I could go on and on.... read "You Can Farm" by Joel Salatin. He is one of our heroes!!

SPEAKING of heros, we found someone to vote for!! We were really dissapointed with all the presidential candidates until we found Ron Paul. Google him, or look him up on youtube. Anyway I will write about it more but I need to go cause daniel needs the computer. There you go, a new blog.