Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh yeah, and those things, too....

I forgot to mention last week that it was my birthday. And our 5th anniversary. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Anniversary to us! I love you Daniel!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting to know you

Oh my goodness! What is this I see?

It looks like a puppy!

It's nice to meet you!

Oh my, you have such lovely toys...

...do you share?

I think it's lunch time.

Let's be pals, ok? Ok.

~Welcome home, Tula!~

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's monday... again.

It seems like the summer has been flying by. I can't believe it's the middle of July! I think that rhymed, oh my oh my. :)

We had a wonderfully busy weekend. It was the big chicken processing weekend. Friday Daniel and I processed 16 ourselves to make sure we'd be ahead of the game on Saturday. Friday night some friends from church took us out for dinner and coffee, and we had a ton of fun. I didn't want to come home, but alas Saturday was destined to be very busy so we needed some good sleep (which I didn't get, of course). Saturday morning we went to church and got everything set up for processing, and around 10am we started. We had about 10-15 other people to help, about 8 of whom stayed the entire time. Amazingly we were able to process 53 chickens in about 4 hours. That's pretty good considering no one but Daniel and I knew much about what they were doing! We were exhausted, came home, rented a movie, and went to bed. Sunday after church we spent the rest of the day with some other friends- we went with them to their gym to swim- it was Zeke's first time in the pool! At first he wasn't too sure about things and cried, but he eventually became very curious about the whole situation, and ended up having a splendid time. I'm so glad he liked it! I think we may get him one of those little plastic pools for the yard- how fun would that be? :) Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures! I'm so sad about that- he was super cute in his little swimming trunks. He still smells like sunscreen. Speaking of Zeke, he's crawling everywhere and has started pulling up on things to stand. I can't believe it! His birthday is only a few weeks away. *tear* What a big, big boy!

This week my brother and his band will be touring in San Antonio, and so they will be staying with us for a couple days. I'm looking forward to that!

I'm sorry about the acute lack of pictures lately. I will put some more up soon. I know it's gotten kind of boring around here. We've just been so busy all the time! I'm sure you understand. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coming soon: a new member of the family!

Here she is. And you thought I was talking about a baby! Our friend's dog had a puppy, and so here we are about to be dog-owners (in a few weeks when she is weaned, anyway). I was fairly apprehensive at fist, but I'm getting excited. Especially since Ezekiel is almost a year old... little boys who don't have siblings need a puppy to pal around with! Our friend's kids named her "Tulip". I think that name is adorable, but since she will *technically* be Daniel's dog, he may pick a different name for her. We'll see. I'll let you all know.