Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hello everyone! I guess there are a lot of people reading this blog now... at least that's what my mom said. You should all leave me a comment! Even if I don't know you, I would love to hear from you. :) :) :) I love you Uncle Bob-bob and Aunt Linda!

Ezekiel was switched to a different type of ventilator today. He seems to be doing better on this new one. The settings are slowly creeping down... they are still high, but he is making a bit of progress. He also seems to feel less sick-- he was pretty calm and alert today. I even got this adorable video of him smiling :)

We are so glad to be done with that 72 hour window. We can finally breathe again! All your prayers helped get us all through, and helped Ezekiel make it. He's beating the odds! :) :)
In this picture you can see little arrows drawn on him. They did that because he had all these little red bumps on his skin, and they wanted to keep track of them. Fortunately after a few days of antibiotics they went away.

This picture is right after he got his chest tubes in. He was really sick here.

I love this little smile! I have an even better video of him smiling (actually I have about 700 billion videos...) but it takes our computer FOREVER to load even these short 10-second clips.

I'm sorry I didn't update sooner, but we blew a fuse and the electricity was out upstairs where the computer lives. Lame excuse, I know. Our hot water heater also broke so I've been boiling water to do dishes and taking cold showers.... brrr.... We'll get that fixed soon... hopefully...


Luanne in Ohio said...

Oh my gosh....Ezie's getting so much bigger! I can really tell a difference, especially in his chubby little face since I was there 3 weeks ago. Wish I was there now!

Keep growing and healing, little man!

Love, Your Grandma Luanne in Ohio

Lizzy Deaton said...

I am so glad he is doing better. We have been praying for him.
The video is so cute! He does look like he is getting so much bigger!!!

Betsy said...

Kristin & Daniel~ Gavin & Gabe were sitting here as I was checking for an update. As I was playing Ezie's video for them I was explaining we needed to pray for Jesus to heal his lungs. Gabe wanted to pray right away of course~ so after praying for everyone under the sun we were able to pray for your family:-)Continue to be as strong as possible and take care of yourself.
ps...Gabe's very excited and wanted me to ask "if you could move home and bring your 'boy' so he would have someone to play with?";-) We're praying for you!
Betsy, Gavin & Gabe

Anonymous said...

Looking good!
What a strong little man to bounce back the way he has! Our mighty God has made one mighty little boy. He is so strong and resilient.

Keep taking care of yourself, mama. I'm thinking about you and continuing to pray for you all.

Goldie's SIL

Kristin said...

Betsy-- that is so cute! :)

Thanks everyone for your prayers :)

Laurie in Ohio said...

OK, so that smile is definitely NOT gas! He is soooooo cute and he knows his mama's voice. Glad to hear that he is weaning off the vent. May God continue to work miracles in Ezie's life.


Peggy said...

Kristin, Daniel, and Ezie, We keep praying for all of you and know you are keeping the faith. Sarah told me your "back story" so I have even more appreciation for your persistence. Love from Virginia, Peggy (Sarah's mom)

Come see us when you come to Joel's farm. I want to hold this baby!!!

Barry and Patti Keene said...

Kristin & Daniel,

We finally got the correct name for your blog (not the Palm trees wedding one) and wanted you to know
that you ALL are in our prayers also.

Barry, Patti, & Huldah

Teresa said...

Wow! He's getting so big!!! I'm so glad he's doing better!!! The bottom video sure reflects his Pike genes... I think I've seen a pic of one of the boys that looks like the still shot before the video plays. :-)
He's adorable, we can't wait to come visit him!! We love you guys and continue to pray for you.

Teresa, Dad, Martina, Jazz and Sophie
"Gma in KY"

Kristin said...

Thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement! :)

peggy- I can't wait to bring him to virginia sometime. We have some good friends that just moved there, too, so we have many many good reasons to come to virginia. :)

Laurie--I don't think it's gas, either. I'm sure of it!

Anonymous said...

Daniel & Kristin, Hi, I'm a friend of your mom's, and YES many people are praying here in Ohio. Ezie is on my church and work eprayer lists. What a special little guy with obvious tenacity and inner strength to keep hanging on despite all he's going through. We will keep praying for him, for God's miraculous healing, to bring him to full health.