Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ron Paul Success

I've been wearing my Ron Paul pin at work. I'm in customer service, so I see a lot of ppl every day and know most of my customers on a first name basis (I know some of their kid's and dog's names, too!) Anyhow, my lovely pin has sparked plenty of conversations, and many of my customer-friends have promised me they would look into him. Of course, i have come across a few supporters, too! Only one nay-sayer, which occured today. An elderly woman- she looked at me with a funny smirk and said, "Don't throw away your vote!" I said I would vote for him no matter what because he is an honest and principled person. I love how ppl just assume that voting outside of the main stream media coverage means you're throwing your vote away. Anyhow, I'm really loving all the conversations that have been sparked. I never go anywhere now without a hat, pin, and a ton of flyers in my purse which I hand out to ppl, stick on buletin boards, and stick on all the cars around mine in parking lots. I think that so far, just at work, I have convinced 3 or so ppl to vote for Dr. Paul. And that's just this week! ( I just started wearing the pin at work)

Anyhow, if any of you my dear readers are Thompson supporters (he's just dropped out) then look into Ron Paul! He is great! If any of you are Huckabee supporters, then consider Ron Paul! He is also a deeply committed Christian, even if he isn't the poster-boy-candidate for the religious right.

Ron Paul very intelligent man who wants us to live by the constitution. He is a 10-term congressman who has never compromised, never taken government-junkets, never voted to raise taxes. He has promised to bring troops home immediately. He is pro-life. Will abolish the IRS, NAFTA, NAIS, and many other bad government programs. These are just a few of his virtues-- the ones I can think of off the top of my head. He wants to give you back your personal liberties and responsibilities!!! Support Ron Paul!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's as cold as a miner's butt in Alaska

That's what my friend Wanda said to greet me at church today. She laughed and said, "you've never heard that phrase before?!" It was just a shocking statement from a grandma. But very funny. It's really not that cold out today, though. Maybe for these Texans.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Every day at 5pm

Everyday at 5pm I hear the national anthem played. We live right next to a military base, and they blast it loudly so you can hear it over the whole base, and in the neighboring vicinity. If you are on base you have to stop, face a flag, and stand still, preferably with your hand on your heart, until it is over. If you are in the service you have to salute. I don't know what would happen if, as a civilian, i didn't do this, but I don't mind. It's always a few minutes to ponder what that song really stands for, where our liberties really come from. Anyway, it is just past 5 and the anthem just played, and so it has me thinking about these things, like it does every time I hear it. At 9pm everynight taps are played. On the nights I am still up to hear it, I find the lonely trumpet melody very relaxing. Sad, too. That's the one that gets played at military funerals. Anyway, this is just a little part of our lives that you probably don't know about. 

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day off

Well finally I am here writing another blog! It sure has taken me forever... so sorry, my one or two loyal readers. I am home today enjoying my day off, and Daniel just left from coming home for lunch. I fed us one of our chickens which we processed (killed) last saturday, and it was ever-so-delicious. So fresh and healthy! I made a giant pot of chicken stock the other day, and so I am trying to figure out how to use so much chicken broth, because it is supposed to be incredibly healthy if you cook it for long enough (I cooked mine for a full 24 hours, which is the maximum time according to my good cook book "nourishing traditions".) Anyhoo, so I tried (unsucessfully) to make a reduction sauce, but I don't think there was enough gelatin in my broth for it to ever become a sauce... it just sort of boiled away. But then I cooked rice in some of the broth and it was good, and then tonight we are having garlic soup, another recipe from "nourishing traditions". I'm trying to eliminate processed foods from our diet, which is hard!! I am trying to learn to plan ahead for meals and make everything from scratch. Ehhhh. I am happy to do it but I am not enjoying the severe learning curve. Not that i don't like learning. Anyhow, it's ok. Daniel got me a kitchenaid mixer for christmas! Those really nice kind that sit on the counter. Mine is white. I love it--- it kneads bread and pizza crust super quick and eazy-- it's amazing! We made whipped cream, too. He totally suprised me with that gift-- i've always wanted one (what woman doesnt??) but never thought we would get one because they are a luxury, but he saved up his allowance for months (how sweet!!!) to get it for me! What a great husband. He's amazing, and i love him. I feel so sad for ppl who don't love and cherish their spouse. Marriage can be so great! (not just because of fancy pantsy presents, either).

Ok, sooooo what else is going on? I don't know. My dad and brother came to visit after christmas for a few days, and we all actually had a really good time. I was scared my dad and Daniel wouldn't get along, but they talked and talked about politics and foreign policy and the government and farming, it was great. No akwardness at all.

I'm trying to loose weight. I'm tired of looking at my skinny pants and not wearing them. Soooo I am cutting sugar out of my diet and excercizing. This morning pilates kicked my butt. I've lost a few pounds (after gaining those over the holidays, of course) so I feel a little better.

I feel like the new year can officially start now because I bought a 2008 calander last night and it is now hanging in the kitchen. Yay 2008. Only 2 more years and we will move back home!