Monday, April 11, 2011

April Already!

Not just April- but almost halfway through! I can't believe it.

Well I haven't blogged in a while, but I'm ready to jump back in. Even if it's just a little blurb a few times a week.

Summary of the past year: Polyface farm internship. Starting in October 2010 we became Polyface contractors, running a 300-acre rental farm. We've got lots of animals right now- 400 head of cattle, 1600 egg-layers, broilers both in the field and in the brooder, turkeys in the brooder, our personal rabbits, and our personal (very small) dairy herd (no one is in milk right now). We love it here.

So today I'm watching my nephew for a few hours, making food, and cleaning. Pretty much my days are filled with cleaning and cooking. But that's fine- I love it here. It's breezy and lovely today, and it's making me happy!

The most exciting thing going on here recently is that our landlord finished closing in the front porch and made it into a room, which I had previously claimed as "my" room. My dad brought my piano down, and it is now in my room. My music and sewing room! I have great plans for this little room, all lined with windows, but for now it's just got a piano and a chair in it, as I have to do a few finishing details (a little sanding and staining of the walls). What a run-on sentence! Anyway, i love it. Here's before and after pictures!

Yes, this is what it looked like when we moved in. Love the yard, eh??

Another of the front of the house

John, our landlord, working on the porch

Revealing the log-cabin under the siding

Finished, with piano! Looking from the window in the kitchen into the music room.

From the outside! I like it plain, but I think John plans to paint it to match the rest of the house. Excuse the construction mess! I can't wait to get some flower beds in :)