Wednesday, June 4, 2008

18 weeks and a day

Hello bloggers in blogland. I haven't written for a while here now! I've been bad about this on my trip, I think my blog is getting really boring.... I figured out why. Everything interesting that happens I e-mail to Daniel before I blog, and by the time I've written him I don't want to write the same stuff again. That makes sense to me.

There have been crazy storms here (ie of boring.. talking about the weather on your blog!) and I love it! That's one thing I miss about Ohio. We get some storms in Texas, but whenever it storms there I am worried about flooding and I can never really enjoy the storm. Here flooding isn't a problem and so it is nice!

I had a baby bird adventure the last two days. There was a baby robin in the yard who kept hopping all around the house. He had his feathers, he just couldn't fly yet. But he seemed perfectly healthy. Anyway, I kept a close eye on him for the two days because there are so many cats in the neigborhood. It was nice because he chirped every 5 seconds very loudly, so he kind of had his own radar-- I could always tell where he was from in the house with all the windows open. Anyway, I looked out yesterday and saw him flipped on his back and he couldn't get back over. I went out and turned him over only to discover that he couldn't walk anymore! I don't know what happened! I think he must have been malnourished. I guess parent birds will push their babies out of the nest if they know they won't make it. I just assumed his parents were around and taking care of him (I read that is what they do) but I guess not. Now I feel bad because if I had taken him in a day earlier I could have rescued him! There is an old lady down the street from my moms who works for some wildlife rescue place. My whole life she always had a large assortment of animals that she was rehabilitating. As a kid, whenever she would go out of town she would pay me to come take care of her animals. Anyway, I took my little bird to her house (when I picked him up he just relaxed in my hand and closed his eyes, it was so sad) but she wasn't there! Her husband said to put him in a dark place with water, so I did. I got a few drops of water in his mouth with my finger, but it didn't seem to help. A few hours later he died! It was so sad, because he had seemed perfectly healthy earlier that day, and he was so soo cute. I wish I had taken care of him when I first found him. And I wish birds went to heaven! Maybe they do, I guess we don't really know.

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