Sunday, June 29, 2008

You know it's summer when...

You go to a baseball game!! Our friend Seanna is leaving San Antonio to go... somewhere.. I don't remember. Anyhow, she is a huge baseball fan and for her going away party she wanted to go to a baseball game. This was the baby's first baseball game!! Go San Antonio Missions!

Here are Daniel and I at the game. I will never get sick of that handsome face!!

Our friends the Grangers gave us a ton of baby clothes on friday. Here they all are! Some of them aren't exactly our taste (sports, "I'm cute" shirts, etc.) or are the wrong season, but no biggie. Those we will re-gift to one of the eight bazillion pregnant ladies we know right now! And we are very grateful. I don't think we will have to buy this baby a single piece of clothing by the time he's here. So much cute stuff!!

They also gave us this swing! Sweet!!

Today our church had our quarterly "the church has left the building" day. Instead of having church one sunday per quarter, we plan an event to reach out to the community. For the spring quarter we had a giant free garage sale; went around the community to ask if people needed help mowing their yard, painting over graffiti, fixing something in their house, etc; and a third group went to a local gas station to pump people's gas, clean their windshield, and invite them to our church. Today our whole church paired up in groups of 2 and went door to door in all the neighborhoods around the church giving out small bags of homemade cookies (of which I made 4 dozen) and inviting people to visit our church. If people seemed receptive we were also supposed to ask them if they had anything we could pray for them about. Daniel and I went around our own neighborhood and got to meet some of our neighbors. I'm telling you, the cookies did the trick. Cookies may not seem so spiritual (or healthy... which I tend to have a problem with the church eating crap and not taking care of their bodies... but that is a whole different topic!!) but when we gave them cookies they became completely receptive to listening to us, and smiled, made eye contact, etc. I know at least in our neighborhood we get a lot of solicitors and a lot of jahova's witnesses going around, so people can tend to not answer their door or be awfully suspicious if they don't know who you are. They seemed relieved when they realized we were just being nice, weren't planning to stay, and weren't selling anything. It was actually a lot of fun (except for the 100 degree weather!)

My house is a disaster. Just 2 days of no laundry, no picking stuff up, not doing all the dishes every day, and boom! It's like an explosion. Sigh. Oh well.

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