Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hydrogen peroxide saves the day

Wednesday night Daniel nocked a glass of red wine over on the carpet at like 3 in the morning when he woke up to get a sip of water. Poor Daniel, he stayed up for an hour trying to scrub it out of the carpet! His alarm went off at 4am and off he went to work, stain still intact. When he gets home from work yesterday he shows me the dilema. So I tried looking on the internet and found this awesome remedy that worked! You can look at this page for better info, but the gist of it is this: Combine some sort of soap (dawn, laundry detergent, carpet cleaner) with hydrogen peroxide, scrub it in a little, let it sit, and boom! Your stain is gone!! This is what i did: I poured hydrogen peroxide all over the stain and then squirted resolve carpet cleaner on it. Scrubbed in, waited, gone! YAY!! Then I just sort of absorbed as much of the wetness as possible with a towel and let it dry.

While we are on the subject of stain removal, I have a great remmedy for oil/grease stains. As soon as possible, rub a whole lot of baby powder into the stain. Then squirt some sort of stain remover on, rub in, let it sit. Then wash as normal. This has gotten not only fresh oil stains out for me, but really old ones as well. Even ones that have been washed/dried before.

Onto other subjects, my wedding ring doesn't fit anymore. I noticed it was really tight last night and made a herculean effort to get it off. Finally I did, after much pain and suffering. But I don't like appearing to be pregnant without being married, so I am going to go pick up a cheap-o fake ring today to make myself feel better. I will put a picture of my new fake ring, as well as a new belly picture, soon!

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Goldie said...

It's good that you got your ring off now in case it got stuck and then you REALLY needed it off later. I and a lot of others moms-to-be I have seen have worn the rings on a chain around the neck. Pretty and practical, and still puts our married status out there.