Saturday, December 20, 2008

No longer Backyard Farmers! :( :( :( :(

Look at that handsome little man!   There is no denying that he looks some like me.  I'm the third picture.

He's waving at you!
We will no longer be "backyard farmers."  It's so sad.  We sold our cute little goats and bunnies (except for Hunza, of course) this week because we are starting to get ready to sell our house.  You can't very well sell a suburban house with a backyard full of.... 5 chickens, 3 rabbits, 2 goats, and 2 ducks.  It just doesn't fly.  So I finally put an ad up on Craigslist and got quite a few responses.  The first guy to respond was super cool-- he lives in a sustainable intentional community and has his PhD in sustainable agriculture or something like that!  We were sooo excited- he does all sorts of cool things (like living in a house made of shipping containers and going on humanitarian missions teaching people how to make windmills and organic farming and everything!!) and was really really nice.  He was great with the animals (he bought the two rabbits and the goats) and I felt very satisfied for them to go to a GOOD new home.  He told us we were welcome to come out to the farm anytime and see things.  They even teach classes at their farm about everything they do, and he writes papers about all of it.  So cool!!  Here is their community farm, although their website needs a little love.  Click here to see what they are all about!

Since Daniel took down the rabbit housing, Hunza is hanging out on the ground until we come up with a new plan for him (he's been banished to the great outdoors since Ezekiel has come home).  The chickens come to check things out.   This was too funny- they were so curious.  At least  Hunza didn't seem to mind.  
We're keeping the chickens until we actually put the house on the market and get ready to move, since they are such good layers and they are so easy to take care of.  At least we will still have them.... the backyard is so boring now!  I will have to change the title of my blog.  

I guess the plus out of all this is that we got $140 for selling the animals, which we decided to use for Christmas money.  We weren't going to get eachother anything, but now we each get $70... we're waiting until after Christmas to get all the after Christmas sales and we are exchanging gifts on New Years.   It will be fun.  


teresamartinpike said...

You could change the title of your blog to "Temporarily Not Backyard Farmers." I think you should take suggestions, maybe set up a poll or something. :)
Ezekiel is SOOO cute and getting so big! We went to dinner last night at Mark/Caitlin's (actually David/Carol's) while Dad, David and Mark got some work done on the apartment. London slept most of the time, so we didn't get much time with her.
I hope you are enjoying this time preparing up to Christmas. Your first Christmas as a mommy!! I have a gift for you all, but I think it will be a little late in getting to you this year.
Love to all...

J. Pike said...

He does look like you! He is so sweet, it is KILLING me that I can't meet him and hold him and love on him!

I have never heard of an intentional community before, that is SO COOL! I really wouldn't mind a shipping container's so green! Maybe Kyle and Sarah could take your layers for you when you move out...then you would still have your eggs! Just a thought.

That is so cute that you guys are doing presents. I bet you'll get each other mommy and daddy stuff...or books about farming. lol.

I am working on a blog right now with lots of pictures of London! She really did sleep all night during dinner. Even when we tried to wake her up to eat she was still soooo sleepy. I got to hold her for the first time and it was amazing. The support of my belly made it easy to prop her up. lol. I can't wait to hold our baby Hudson! 7 weeks left as of today...

I hope Ezekiel's Christmas outfit fits him. That's definitely something you'll have to make into a quilt later on. =)

Love you,


Melissa said...

So you are moving out of your house into???? Is Daniel's time with the military up yet?

Kristin said...

Melissa- we aren't sure where we are moving yet. We could always get an apartment, I guess, if nothing else works out. Daniel has a little more than a year left, and with the market not doing so well, we want to make sure we leave plenty of time to get the house sold.