Monday, December 1, 2008

Not yet :( Boo hospital!!

We're NOT going home today. Should I be surprised??

They are concerened that Ezekiel is not gaining enough weight. It's a forever long story, but the gist is that because of his cronic lung disease they restrict the amount of fluids he can recieve. To make up for fewer calories because of less milk, they add fortifiers and formula to my breast milk to make it have more calories per ounce (they make it have 30, whereas my milk by itself has 22). Well they won't send him home on 30 calorie-per-ounce milk. The most they will send him home on is 27... he's been getting 27 for 5 or 6 days now, but not gaining enough weight. Today they decided to increase the volume and leave him on 27 calorie milk, but they are concerned about the extra fluid affecting his lungs, so, we have to stay here to see how he does. I think he will do fine. I just want to take him home. But it's ok.... soon enough. I guess that isn't the short version.

Meanwhile I got a cold, so I haven't gone to see him in 2 days because I don't want to get him sick. Daniel may have to go back to San Antonio on wednesday, we aren't sure yet. If he does, I will stay here, but no more stipend for a hotel and food, so I guess I will stay at the mcdonald house if they have room. We'll see what happens.

ANYHOW Ezekiel is doing really well. Fortunately he hasn't gotten sick from me, and Lord willing he won't. The last two days he is doing so well that he has even been able to be completely off of oxygen for 2-3 hours at a time!! That is wonderful!! If we don't end up going home until next week, he may not even need to come home on oxygen. That would be awesome!

I'm a little bored out of my mind, being sick and stuck in the hotel. I have nothing to knit with me. I can't believe it! The project I brought with me is all done except for the buttons need sewn on. It is this super cute baby sweater for our friends new baby. Anyhow, I think I will try and find a knitting store to which I can take the tram and get the ingredients for a pair of socks. I really want to learn how to knit socks. :) My big adventure today was coming over to the hospital to drop off milk at the milk bank and come to the mcdonald house to use the internet. woo-hoo. I am also hoping that room service will come while I am gone and give us clean towls and make my bed. :) I can't eat anymore pizza- that's what we've been eating every single night for dinner.

Ok I hope I'm not boring you all out of your minds. This blog isn't nearly so fun without pictures. And let me tell you, I have sooo many adorable pictures of my now-chunky little son. He is such a big boy now! Over 7lbs!! :) He's so precious.


Nathan and Aimee said...

Boo hospital and cold! But yea! I'm glad you blogged! I have been missing you so much! Nathan is trying to get rid of his cold too. It's really yucky with a deep cough. I hope yours is not so bad and that you are well really soon! It would be so great if Ezekiel got to go home without oxygen! Oh, and I have been checking your blog like crazy. I love you! Aimee

Happy Hippie said...

I found your blog via my friends blog, Saylor Days. I'll be praying for you and your little guy. It is awesome that your breast milk is so high in the things he needs. What a blessing. I pray you both can go home soon and snuggle.

Grandma in Ohio said...

Kristin -

On my way out the door to work, but wanted to let you know I'm praying...harder!!!! I love you, sweetie. Hope you find a knitting store close....maybe someone at the hospital or Ronald McDonald house could bring you some knitting supplies if you can't get out. Love you so much,


Goldie said...

oh, i am so soso sorry! i will be praying for you and everyone's health!!!!

Kristin said...

Happy hippie-- welcome to my blog! Any friend of shell's is my friend, too. :) Thank you for your prayers!!!

Aimee-- I miss you, too! Our stupid cell phone hardly works at all here, and I just found out today that our hotel charges us for calls- even ones made with a calling card! Grr. I miss you a lot. But it's only a month until you come down!!! WOW!

Mom-- I found a knitting store in town so I think Daniel and I may try to go find it today. I miss you!

Goldie-- Thanks for your prayers. My throat is less scratchy today, but now I have a sinus headache and a runny stuffy nose. I don't know if this is progress or regress. I hope you're doing well!

J. Pike said...

Hey Kristin! I was gonna call you at home on Monday, but glad I didn't! So sorry to hear you didn't get to take him home, we were all so excited for you. If you're bored give me a call, silly! I just finished my blood tests today and will find out tomorrow or Friday. Josh is in Pennsylvania with Dad until Saturday...I miss him already. He has been extra lovey-dovey lately and I'm LOVING it!! He is getting so giddy about my belly getting bigger. It's the sweetest thing when he talks to him and kisses my belly. He is kicking all the time now!!! I hope you get to feeling better, I am almost over my cold...not soon enough, though. Love ya and miss ya!

Luanne in Ohio said...

Just a note to all you bloggers from Kristin's mom: I spoke briefly with Kristin around lunchtime (Wednesday). Her cold sounds horrible...worse than yesterday and the weekend. So we all need to pray!!! Thanks so much - Ezekiel's grandma in Ohio

Kristin said...

Jamie-- I've thought about calling you many times. I'm sorry I haven't. For some reason our cell phone doesn't hardly work here, and then our hotel room charges us for using the phone!! So we've been pretty limited on calls. But I will call you soon. I'm sorry you're all by yourself! Feel better soon!!