Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our family in baby form


Luanne in Ohio said...

Good morning, Ezekiel!
OK...who do YOU think you look like?

Love, Grandma in Ohio

saylor days said...

wow ok totally kristin! i always think he looks like daniel but now i of course see kristin too!!! oh little munchkin i love him!

Teresa said...

Oh, Kristin!!! I had seen pics of Daniel, and while I still think he's got a lot of Pike going on (okay, almost entirely at this point), you are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!! What a precious baby you were!! And now you're an awesome mommy and daughter-in-law. I love you.

Ezekiel, I love you! You're sooooo cute!!!

Luanne in Ohio said...

Hey, Baby Ezie -
How's the bottle progress? Hope you are learning to enjoy drinking and swallowing. If your mommy checks her email,she'll find I'm sending more baby pics on Saturday morning. You are way, way, way too cute!!!! I love you!
Grandma L in OHio

J. Pike said...

I think he looks more like you! Especially in the pictures you just posted in his sweater. Awwww. =) Hehe.