Thursday, December 4, 2008


We're going home!! HOME HOME HOME!!!



We are soooo excited. I can't believe it!! We are eating lunch at the mcdonald house for the last time. We packed up and checked out of our hotel. The carseat is all ready to go. I packed up all of Ezekiel's things in the NICU. Tonight our little boy will spend his first night at home! I can't wait!

I still have a cold, but I think I'm almost over it. I got some tylenol and that's helping me feel a little better. I've been wearing a mask in the NICU. On the way home, I will drive and Daniel will sit in the back with Zeke. Then when we get home Daniel will take care of him until I am 100% better. Our little man weighs 7lbs 6oz today! He hardly needs any oxygen at all anymore-- he often goes hours and hours without it. We will still be taking oxygen home, though. Hopefully he won't need it for too long.

Tomorrow a home-health nurse is coming to our house to help us get all settled in and make sure we know how to do everything (which we do). I will be glad for the extra support just to make sure everything goes smoothly. Next week we will have about a gazillion appointments. One with the pediatrician, the optamologist, the pulmatologist, the special baby clinic, and I'm sure there will be more. It will be kind of overwhelming. But good. Now we are starting a new segment of our lives-- the four month NICU experience is OVER. Thank GOD!! This new chunk of life will be the "take my baby to a million doctor appointments and make sure he is developing correctly" chunk. Again, not at all what I had imagined life with a baby to be like, but still OK. I'm learning to be more flexible.

Right now we are just waiting for a phone call from the discharge coordinator so she can come help us get him set up to go. Hopefully we will leave in the next few hours. The next time you all will hear from me, I'll be home!! I will put a million pictures up. And I can't wait to catch up on all your blogs-- I'm so behind! I will be so glad to be back at home... even if we haven't bought any diapers yet.


Luanne in OHio said...

Hooray!!!!! Hooray!!!!!
Congratulations !!!!!!
You have waited so long !!!!!

Love, Mom (and Ezie's grandma)

Sarah said...

That's great, Kristin! We are so happy for you.

Teresa said...


I'm SO glad you're going to be home tonight with your mommy and daddy!!! I believe you will do even better now with a house full of love. They will pray for you every night and you will feel Jesus in your heart. :)

Grandma (in KY)

Daniel and Kristin,

Your hearts are fuller now, I'm sure. The only thing that you'll be lacking is sleep. lol
Sweet dreams, happy hearts, and finally it's the way it should be. Enjoy your new family--- the three of you!!!


Nathan and Aimee said...

Hi guys! We are so excited for you! How did the first night go? Did you get any sleep at all? I just started digging out cd's today for our trip to texas. The next few weeks are going to be hectic here so I had better get started now! Love you! Aimee

jenny mae. said...


Luanne in Ohio said...

Hi Ezekiel -

Hello, Little Man. I hear that your Mommy and Daddy didn't get much sleep your first night home. They love you a whole bunch, and they're taking great care of you. Try to get them to get a little rest....OK? And, you just concentrate on getting bigger, healthier and cuter. Can't wait to see you in person....but in the meantime, you are in my heart.

Love, Grandma in Ohio

Goldie said...

When I read this I was sososososO excited, but also wondered if it would REALLY really happen- and I see from Luann's post that it did! WHOOHOOOO!!! WELCOME HOME EZIE!!!!!

Luanne in OHio said...

Hi Goldie and all of Kristin's other bloggers:

This is Kristin's mom, giving you a quick blog update and asking for continued prayer. Kristin is starting to feel better from her cold crud, but now Daniel has it. Baby Ezekiel has been a bit fussy today (Sunday) and early Sunday wasn't taking his bottle as well as usual. He has his first pediatrician's appt Monday afternoon. Please pray that Ezekiel doesn't get this cold..whatever it is...crud, and that his mom and dad feel better (and that they get some sleep). Speaking, if I may, for all the grandparents in OHio and Kentucky, we are so appreciative of your prayer support and encouraging words for Kristin, Daniel and Ezie. Bless you!