Friday, December 12, 2008

Darling little babies

Our friends Kyle and Sarah stopped by the other day with their new little girl, Aleah Corinne.  Here are the little babies together!  Aleah is quite a chunky little thing, already a whopping 10lbs!!  She is so beautiful!  She kept hitting Ezekiel in the face, and he kept sleeping.  Notice him in his stylin sweater!!  He finally grew into it!  He will be wearing it every day until he outgrows it, I'm sure.  
If Ezekiel isn't eating, sleeping, or cuddling with me, he's hanging out with dad, who sings him Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and reads him books on economics.  Here is my sling!  In the making!  It should sooo be finnished by now, but I had sewing machine problems.  Then I figured out the problems, then I ran out of thread.  Still out of thread.  I'm going to go get more.... soon.  Really soon.  After I lollygag on the computer and feed the baby.  It will hopefully be reversable with the green/blue pattern on one side and a lovely espresso brown on the other.   
And here is the little man right now as I type.  He is snoozing away.  (I know you aren't supposed to put babies to sleep on their tummies, but he's on monitors so we know if he isn't ok.  We won't do it once he's off oxygen/monitors/etc.  I could hear that lecture forming in your head!) 
Yesterday he had an appointment at the special baby clinic, which is where he will be followed by the neonatologists to check his development, etc.  Good news-- he's already a whopping 8lbs 2oz!!  So between Monday and Thursday he gained 6oz!  Since he is growing so well they want us to start weaning him off his feeding tube, which is fine by me.  Now we are just bottle feeding him when he seems hungry instead of bottle/tube feeding on a strict schedule.  I like this new arrangement much better.  I know there is a lot to be said for keeping babies on schedules, but the hospital schedule was too rigorous.  And he's doing great today!  If he keeps up the good work for the next few days, we can take the tube out.  YAY!

Today we had an opthalmology appointment.  Dr. Zumbro (the opthalmologist who sent us to Houston- we love you Dr. Zumbro!) said his eyes look great!!  He doesn't see any problems any more.  We have another follow up appointment the 22nd, but it doesn't seem as if he will have any long lasting eye problems.  We thanked Dr. Zumbro for sending us to Houston, explaining to him that if we had stayed at Wilford hall, we would still be in the hospital for a while.  He was pleased that he could help us out, saying with a smile, "Well, do you believe in providence?"  Yes! We do!  He's a really nice man.  

Both of the men in my houshold are sleeping away right now.  It's quiet and kind of warm in here.  I'm sipping my coffee.  I'm happy.  :)  Seriously, every single time I make a cup of coffee, I thank God that he created it.  I love coffee.  I love that God made Coffee.  

Alright off to buy thread and finnish my sling.  I want it finnished so badly, I practically dream about it.  It better turn out as good as I imagine!  If it does, you all will know what to expect from me for future baby gifts :)  


Nathan and Aimee said...

I love sleeping babies, even on their tummies. Once mine could roll themselves over they slept on their tummies from then on. And if I put them on their backs they would wake up sooner or just roll over. Whatever. I love the sling material! It looks really nice and the sweater. is. awesome. Love, Aimee

J. Pike said...

Oh I am so happy that he is doing so wonderfully at home! Yay! It just sounds blissful for you to be at home with him...I'm sure it is. I'm very impressed by your sweater and sling! I will leave that to you..I might have you teach me down the road, but for now I don't see myself making something that intricate! Aleah and Ezie are sleeping together already!? Hey! You know Hudson is going to fight for her!! Hehe. I'm excited to see them all grow up together. I hope it works out that way. Isn't our niece precious? I CAN'T wait to have them all together! Are you guys making any plans to come up next year? Please let me know when so I can get excited about it NOW! Love you.

saylor days said...

i love his sweater! can't wait to see the sling in action. so happy he's chunkin' up even more and his eyes look good. and ya i often put saylor on his belly when i could keep an eye on him to work on the whole holding head up thing. we so need to catch up on the phone!! i love daniel singing him queen and reading economics, awesome!

shutterthink said...

So happy for you. I just cried when I read the sentence, "I'm happy. :)"...and then laughed out loud for the next couple of sentences about God making coffee. SO so happy for you, dear.

Luanne in Ohio said...

What awesome pics! Thanks for posting them. UPS is winging your way with a box of presents (and one for Aleah, too). Keep us posted, and have fun!

Love you,
Ezekiel's Grandma Luanne in Ohio

Melissa said...

He looks amazing in his sweater. So handsome!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful conversation with Dr. Zumbro. It just overwhelms me with good feelings when a doctor believes in providence. That sweater that you knitted is really nice! It is perfect!