Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

London Avery Pike
December 11, 2008
7lbs 11oz

This is Ezekiel's new cousin!  She was born yesterday, which also happened to be her great-grandma Elliott's 82nd birthday AND her Uncle Josh and Aunt Jamie's 3rd wedding anniversary!  We're so glad you made it here London!  Sending hugs and kisses your way!   


Luanne in Ohio said...

Welcome, London! You are beautiful!

(from Kristin's mom)

J. Pike said...

Yay! My photography! Hehe. She just slept the whole time we were there and made little jerking movements if we got too loud! How adorable! I can't wait to hold her!!! I didn't get to last night! I love my niece and nephew! My turn next! =)