Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Here is a picture of our dear babies Pepper and Coconut staying at Morning Star Ranch. We are boarding them there while we are out of town. It really is a great place-- there are a TON of beautiful animals and the people who run the place are really nice Christian people. When we were there they prayed for us! How sweet! Anyway, the girl in the picture is holding their pygmy goat, Blueberry. Blueberry will hopefully breed with our girls so that we can have baby pygmy goats and raw milk, but apparently the girls don't like him and keep trying to beat him up. He is about half their size. Hopefully things will get better and they will learn to get along cause I really want some baby pygmies!! Here is another baby pygmy clip! You know you want a goat!!! Ok here is one more --I can't resist. I don't know why this goat is in what appears to be an office.

ANY WAY I had better go finnish my baby blanket that I started for my neighbor a LOOONGG time ago.... I want to finnish it before i leave to go home on friday. I will put a picture up when it's done. :O) GOODNIGHT!

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