Tuesday, May 13, 2008

15 weeks

Today is 15 weeks for little -------.  I can't wait until he is here!  Next week he will start to hear and I am so excited to sing to him and to have all the family talk to him.  It's too bad he can't hear his daddy's voice!  Maybe the next time Daniel calls i will hold the phone to my belly.  :)

I am having a good visit with family, although I've had a rough couple of days.  I don't usually get sick, but I think because of that 24 hour throw-up bug thing my immune system was weakened and now I have a horrible head cold/flu that my mom-in-law shared with me.  I'm pretty miserable-- I don't get sick very often so I feel like a total wimp taking all sorts of naps and moping around like a zombie.  Hopefully today will be the worst and I will feel a bit better tomorrow.

On mother's day we had a nice dinner (at a restaurant that serves our chicken!) and on the way home Daniel called!  I was so glad he called while we were in town because out in the sticks where his family lives our cell phone doesn't work.  I got to talk to him for a good 20 minutes (with a good connection which was nice) and he is doing great.  I am so proud of him.  He is just so smart.  He is having a great time which makes me happier in his absence.  

Yesterday Daniel's brother Josh took me around the perimeters of the farm-- it is soo much bigger than I realized.  There is just so much land!  it's so beautiful here.  I will have to ask Teresa (this is her computer) if I can upload some of her pics for you all to see.  Daniel and I want to build our cabin-house on a spot we call raspberry hill.  It's right at the top of a big big hill with open fields to one side and a nice grove of trees to the other.  And there are wild raspberry bushes there.  It has an awesome view.  But, there are lots of really good spots, so we will see....

I am eating really yummy soup right now that's super easy.  Teresa my m-i-l got me hooked on it.  All it is is V8 juice with macaroni noodles.  This time I added left over chicken and parmesian cheese.  I wish I could share it with you all.  it is so fast and easy to make-- good sick food.  

Anyway I had better get going!!

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teresamartinpike said...

LOL@my sharing my cold with you. I said I was sorry! ;)

I think it's cute how you wrote ------ for the baby's name.

Love ya!

m-i-l T