Tuesday, May 6, 2008

14 weeks

Today I am 14 weeks pregnant! Yay little baby! I love him so much, and I love his name-- I wish we were telling people. But since Daniel's not here I can't convince him that we should. I have been feeling the baby move, and that is just sooo fun and exciting. On Thursday I have another midwife appointment and I will have an ultrasound. I'm excited to take the baby picture up to KY and OH with me to show everyone! I will post it here, too, of course.

Well I haven't heard from Daniel since he left the states. I am sure he is alright, but I would love to hear from him. Hopefully he is taking lots of pictures. The school he is going to overlooks the ocean and is in a nice part of town (He is in Lima) so I'm sure he is enjoying himself. Plus the weather is supposed to be in the 70's the whole time he is there. Meanwhile in Texas it's 85-95 everyday with nearly 100% humidity!! BLAH!!

Well I have oodles of things to get done before I leave friday so I had better get to work! Oh and if you haven't watched that video I linked to in an earlier blog yet, do it! It's awesome!

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Goldie said...

Happy Mother's day Kristin! I am so overjoyed to see that things are progressing so well!