Monday, June 29, 2009

The garden

Three plants have entirely disappeared from our garden, except for a few inches of stem sticking out of the ground. One was missing last week, and then today when I went out to check on things, two more. One tomato plant, two pepper plants. I suspect deer, I don't know what else would eat leafy green plants in their entirety. A rabbit couldn't do that, I don't think. Maybe a very large hare? Anyway, we need to figure out a way to protect the 5 or 6 remaining plants. Apparently here in Texas the best time to garden is in the fall, so we will really kick off all the gardening in a few months.

The chickens are doing very well. We've lost quite a few to heat, mostly all in one day when their automatic waterer broke. They were fine at noon, and when we checked on them again at 5pm their water was all dried up and 17 were dead. That's been the worst thing that's happened so far, and honestly that's not so bad considering that we've had a solid week of 103 degree heat. The head index is more like 107-110. I mean it's boiling here. Blah. Anyhoo, this weekend we will be teaching people how to process chickens, and then next weekend will be the big chicken-processing party. Amazingly, there are a lot of people interested who want to know how to do this. You gotta love a church like ours :)

I've had a very miserable pms-y weekend that's unfortunately spilled over into my Monday. I was hoping I would feel all better today but I still have yucky cramps. Not so bad that I'm confined to bed but bad enough that I don't feel like doing much of anything. Oh well. What can you do.

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Paige said...

Well, leave it to me to hop on the medical problems, lol.

We've been told that if you tend to have bad cramps consistently every month, it works best to start pre-treating them with some ibuprofen BEFORE they start bothering you really badly. Over the long haul you end up with less of a problem. I haven't tried it but myself, but I've been blessed with few problems in that department. Hope you're feeling better! A juice jug with hot water in it feels good too!

Hope you're doing well! Can't wait to get town to KY to see you all some time! Are you plannign on being there over Christmas?