Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi I sooo should be cleaning my house

But here I am dilly-dallying around on the computer. I might as well say hello to you all out there in blog land, since I've been slacking lately.

News going on here: Dad (my dad) came and visited this past weekend. We had fun :)

Our church farm and garden project is going splendidly. Anyone have any ideas of what we can call this thing? I liked "gateway garden of eatin'" but apparently "garden of eatin" is an actual brand name so I don't want to mooch. We need a better name. The chickens (about 130) are doing splendidly, we planted a small garden, hoping to plant a small orchard this weekend. Lots of people are involved, community is building, it's been fun so far. I'm getting a splendid tan from going out there every afternoon. Oh did I mention it's been above 100 degrees like every single day? I've gone out there dehydrated a few times, and literally after being out there for like 5 minutes I think I'm going to throw up.... needness to say, I am much more careful now and drink lots o water.

So I decided i need to learn how to fiddle... we've got a violin, so I attempted to change the strings and knocked over the sound post. Had to take that in to get repaired- Dad and i did that on Saturday while he was here. We found this cool eccentric little old couple to fix it who have like 5 grand steinways in their house, the walls are covered with violins, guitars, there were 6 cellos lying around. Turns out they both (this couple must be in their late 70's) went to Julliard, are both music teachers, and the hubby studied cello under Leonard Rose (if you haven't heard of him, he was one of the best cellists ever and also yoyo ma's teacher!). They were really sweet, and I decided that I am going to take cello lessons from this guy. How cool is that- I'm so excited!! He only charges $18 a lesson, which is dirt cheap, especially considering how good of a musician he is (or at least should be... I have to admit that I didn't actually hear him play). Oh for those of you who don't know, I have a B.A. in music, and my main instrument in college was cello. But I'm quite rusty now and I think I could use a few good lessons. Anyhoo I'm very excited!!

Oooh what else. Ezekiel is officially crawling, fairly efficiently. He sat up on his own the other day. He's huge. He's cute. He's over 10 months old now!

We are going to come to camp this year. I'm excited-- but also nervous about the 25 hour drive with Ezekiel. Hmmm...

Oh and I am soooo going to get my hair cut. It's all the way down to the small of my back at the moment... and I think I want a bob. No, I KNOW I want a bob. Something really short and cute and cool (as in temperature wise) for summer. I will do before and after pictures for you all.

Ok Zeke woke up from his name and I sooo didn't clean while he was asleep like I was supposed to.

I hope you all are doing well out there!


Luanne in Ohio said...

Need video of world's cutest baby crawling!!!???!!!
Love, Grandma in Ohio

Teresa said...

Good to read your updates. I've been wondering what on earth you're up to! I've called a time or two but never got you. Glad all is going so well, we are excited to hear that you're coming to camp. Hopefully we'll be there the entire time, Dad might need to come back a couple of days to do delivery and processing.

Love you all,
Teresa (Grammy in KY)

Averyswife said...

Hey Kristin! It was great to meet you the other day! I like your blog. :)

Paige said...

Oooh! I always want to learn how to fiddle! I loved Riverdance and took some irish hard shoe lessons for a few years. You'll have to play and I'll dance ;)

And we need to see pictures/video of not only your newly mobile little Ezekiel but also of your garden project at the Church!

And, I need to call you soon so we can chat about Kentucky!

Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Cutie pictures of Zeke on my blog lady. Thanks for coming over. It was so fun to see you and like I said you are more than welcome to pop by anytime. Surprise visitors make my day. :) Happy Monday!