Saturday, June 27, 2009

Found, and cake.

Daniel found my keys... in the middle of the kitchen floor. I mean seriously, I looked ALL day long and suffered much anxiety over it all. He walked into the house and found them in less than 20 seconds. Really. Fortunately the chickens were ok.

Today we are headed up to Austin to pick up milk for Ezekiel. I've been transitioning him to cows milk, and he's doing well with that so far. I make his bottles half breast/half cows milk, and I'm so glad he'll drink it because I don't know how much longer we will be able to get breast milk, so I want him to be prepared. He'll eat some solids but he's not a huge fan, he just sort of tolerates it and won't eat too much. I suppose maybe he's just not interested yet, and I don't want to push the issue because I don't want to turn him into a picky eater.

I've been CRAVING chocolate cake for like a solid week straight. Pure PMS, it's true. As a rule we don't keep any junk food in the house, so all week i've been snacking on rasins to try and satisfy my craving for sweet stuff. Finally last night I was going to make a delish cake from scratch, and Daniel requested one without icing because he doesn't like icing. Sooo when I went to buy my cake ingredients I got him a box cake, because my yummy homemade chocolate cake needed to be dripping in chocolate-mint icing. Made the box cake, and then I was too tired/lazy to make my homemade cake, and we were going to watch a movie, so I just had a piece of his cake, and it was kind of gross and not at all what I wanted, and it COMPLETELY ruined my chocolate cake craving. I mean I don't want cake at ALL anymore. I'm so disappointed I ruined my yummy homemade cake expectations with a nasty box cake. But there's no point in making a good cake now because I don't want it. Sigh. Lesson learned, don't buy box cakes. Ever!


Luanne in Ohio said...

Hi Kristin -
Your keys in the middle of the kitchen floor remind me of another lost item when you were about 3 years old.

We had gone to the grocery store, and on the way out we got you a tiny bouncy ball for 25 cents out of a vending machine (like a gumball machine, only it had these high bouncing little balls in it).

You loved that ball and played with it like it was worth a million dollars. You were playing with it in the kitchen, it bounced and then it was gone....we could not find it anywhere. We looked EVERYWHERE.... it was nowhere to be found.

You were crying, I was frustrated because the ball HAD to be there somewhere, but it had totally disappeared. Wanting you to find the ball (and probably trying to be "spiritual mom", too), I said, "Let's pray and ask Jesus to help us find the ball." You said "OK", bowed your little head, folded your hands, and said, "JESUS, MAKE MY BALL ROLL." And He did just that, because when we opened our eyes, it was in the middle of the kitchen floor, where it hadn't been a moment before.

I was totally blown away by the simplicity, faith and insight of your prayer, and His quick answer. With my adult mindset, I was about to pray something like, "Lord God, please help us find the ball wherever it is; please help us to look in the right place." But you cut to the core of the issue - a prayer that was to the point and full of faith.

I will treasure that moment forever, and I can't wait for all the moments like that you and Daniel will have with Ezekiel.

Love you, (and hope this story doesn't embarass you),


Paige said...

Ooh! Methinks someone needs to make a certain chocolate cake and post pictures and recipe...mmmmmm...

Teresa said...

Hi, Luanne, love the story. Too cute. I can picture it.

Kristin, I am going to take up for Duncan Hines cakes... I think they're amazing for a boxed cake. Better than homemade? no. But a pretty close second place. All the other ones are terrible IMHO.
I told Dad that for my birthday not to get a cake from anyone unless they make it with OUR eggs! Soooo... I'm guessing we'll be making our own. Will you be here for your birthday? Todd might be here and if so, we'll ALL be here and I'd want to get a ginormous photo of the entire family!!! let me know!!

Kristin said...

Mom- yup, I remember that story. :)

Paige- yes, I need to post the recipe. If I get the house cleaned up today I think I'm going to make the cake.

Teresa- I'm sorry, but it WAS a duncan hines cake and it was seriously nasty. I've had good ones before, so maybe something was wrong with this one. I also usually use coconut oil but was out and had to use olive oil. That could have made the difference. But still. I don't know if we will be there for my birthday or not- we don't have any details worked out yet. I will let you know. :)

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