Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coming soon: a new member of the family!

Here she is. And you thought I was talking about a baby! Our friend's dog had a puppy, and so here we are about to be dog-owners (in a few weeks when she is weaned, anyway). I was fairly apprehensive at fist, but I'm getting excited. Especially since Ezekiel is almost a year old... little boys who don't have siblings need a puppy to pal around with! Our friend's kids named her "Tulip". I think that name is adorable, but since she will *technically* be Daniel's dog, he may pick a different name for her. We'll see. I'll let you all know.


Luanne in Ohio said...

Tulip's picture?

And a short little video clip of Ezekiel crawling.....that would make a bunch of us SMILE !!!!!


Paige said...

Too much fun! Growing up with pets was always great as a kid! I'm sure Ezekiel will have fun!

Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Aw, the puppy misses licking Ezekiels sweet cheeks! Come back! ;)

teresamartinpike said...

Jasmine's best friend is Max. She's taken him from me! :) Love you all!

Luanne in OHio said...

OK...this is the next best thing to a video of Ezekiel. check out these evian water babies skating.
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