Monday, March 2, 2009

No garden yet...

We did NOT put a garden in this weekend... I'm disappointed.  It was super, super windy on Saturday, our planned garden day, so we decided to wait lest our dirt blow away and our tender little plants break.  Sunday we ended up being busy (ehem... with Sunday afternoon naps, knitting, and taking food to friends in the hospital) so we didn't do it then either.  But I still consider Sunday a very productive day regardless.  You're supposed to rest one day a week anyway!  I THINK today Daniel and our friend Terry may go get dirt.  If they don't do it today, they're doing it Thursday.  Either way, hopefully a garden sometime this week will be started in our yard.  

Wednesday is Daniel's Birthday!  There have been many a year where I've forgotten his birthday until the day before and had rather lame plans.  But not this year!  I started planning like 2 weeks ago, and I've already gotten him a couple gifts and invited people over for a barbecue on Saturday. I hope he feels very loved and special this week.  I do love him very much.  

Well since we're having people over this weekend, I am extra motivated to clean...  I think I am actually going to get all the laundry done, mop the kitchen floor, clean out my pantry, vacuum the stairs, you know, all the stuff that generally gets neglected to do other more important things like cuddling with my baby, knitting, reading, cooking.... Daniel's extra happy about the planned "week of cleaning" because he REALLY wants to call a realtor and get our house on the market, which we still haven't done.  Selling our house is the biggest piece of our "leaving the military" puzzle... We're planning to call the realtor NEXT WEEK while our house is still super clean from our party.  I think this is a good plan.  

So Ezekiel has gotten big enough for a jonny-jump-up.  You know those hanging chairs on springs that you put in the door frame?  Someone gave us one, and he loves it!  He doesn't do any jumping yet, but he does bounce a bit on his feet, and he likes turning around to look at different things.  Basically he likes being in a vertical position.  I've been able to get a lot more done lately because he is so content in that thing.  He's in it right now!  :)

Ok I'd better go be productive!


Nathan and Aimee said...

Good idea aobut calling the realtor next week. You should go ahead and make an appointment now so you can't change your mind after the party! I wish we could come to the big bash, but you know a 17 (ahem.. 22) hour drive is just out of the question this weekend. Also, yay I have come out of my blogging slump! I'll talk to you this afternoon. Love, Aimee

Paige said...

Oh boy I can see him in it now! Just wait until he figures out how to jump! He'll be the happiest little guy ever!

I'm so excited for your garden! What did you all decide to grow? Dan and I picked out a few seeds to start so we can have a few things on our porch this summer. I was so tempted to talk to our landlord about letting us dig up a little garden, but since I'll be gone on clinicals so much this summer, we decided it would be best to wait until we had our own place...Ug! I can't wait to have a house!

Luanne in Ohio said...

Hi all -

I echo your sentiments about Sunday being a productive day when you rest, have family time, etc. Rich even preached on the importance of the Sabbath last Sunday! Hope your garden gets in this week. When Ezie starts jumping in the Johnny-jump-up, THAT would make a great blog video!

Mom (Kristin's mom)

Luanne in Ohio said...

How is Aleah doing? Is she still in the hospital?


jenny mae. said...

what are you guys planning to grow?

Kristin said...

Paige and jenny-- We are definitely doing tomatoes, I would like to do onions, carrots, cabbage, green/red lettuce, bell peppers... We haven't made an official plan yet. We're planning to use the square foot garden method, so we have 16 squares to fill in our 4x4ft garden. Each square can hold 1-16 plants, depending on the space each one requires... Have you all read that book? (square foot gardening by mel bartholomew). Daniel has the day off for his birthday today, and we already have our giant pile of garden mix soil, so we need to build our frame and go get some plants/seeds. AND we need to figure out exactly what we want to plant... We'll see what happens. I will blog about it shortly! Do you all have any suggestions? :)

mom- yes, she's still in the hospital, but she'll probably be going home tomorrow.

jenny mae. said...

i love square foot gardening! our garden club's first meeting (april) is centered around that topic. AND! mel bartholomew is in town this week at our home and garden show! OMG! but im much too busy to go :(

lettuces (head or leaf), beans, carrots (try half long varieties), spinach, tomatoes, etc. do very well with square foot gardening but i wouldnt attempt cabbage. their tap root is like 12 inches long!

Kristin said...

Jenny- Ah thankyou for the cabbage tip. it's so cheap at the grocery anyway, we might as well just get it there and grow more expensive things like peppers.

I wanted to try spinach, but was under the impression it's a cooler-weather plant? Do you think it will do alright in south texas? We're already getting weather in the mid 80's (although it still gets comfortably cool at night). Mmm... beans, I do want some of those!

I'm sorry you can't go see Mel! He must be such a cool guy :)

jenny mae. said...

oh yeah! scratch that about spinach and lettuces unless! you can get heat tolerant varieties or grow them in some shade (like under some very thin cloth or a cloche after germination or in the shade of another plant)

Jules said... so proud of you guys with your garden! i could never see myself doing that. although i suppose we would need a house in order to 'garden'. ah well. i wanna see zeke in his jumpy i wanna see how that thing works..kelton just has the jumper thats like a walker..but it doesnt jumps. its a jumper. ya like how i explained that? :) anyway he loves it and we get sooo much stuff done around the house while hes in it. you need to get him a bumbo! he'll love it!