Monday, March 30, 2009

Coffee and rambling

I had to make a coffee run this morning.  Oh house-wife that I am, I just needed out PLUS we were OUT of (fresh) coffee (I still have 3 bags of coffee from when I worked at starbucks like over a year ago... and they expired, oh I don't know, sometime last year.  One expired sometime in 2007. They're really gross now).  So out I run with soaking wet hair and no makeup, looking pretty frumpy and mom-like.  But that's ok.  I got my tall-no-room-raw-sugar-americano and a bag of Pike's place (the best name for coffee ever).  And I feel better now.  Mmmm coffee.  And now Ezekiel is taking a nap and laundry has LITERALLY taken OVER our house.  I mean it's reallllly bad.  So you can guess what I will be doing today...  

We're getting really excited about our "joseph garden" idea that's been brewing in our brains.  My friend Natasha suggested calling it "Gateway's Garden of Eatin" and I love that name!  Our church has quite a few acres behind the building/school, and we have a vision of turning it into a community garden type thing to provide produce, chicken, eggs, and milk for our congregation/church & school staff/or the community (obviously we won't be able to do ALL that right away).  We've talked to the pastor and he said to write up our plans for the elders to read and approve, so Daniel's been working on that this week.  Writing isn't one of his favorite things to do, and last night Natasha offered to type everything up for him, so he's just going to dictate it into a voice recorder and she's going to do the typing!  How very sweet of her!  I love how in the body of Christ everyone's talents fill a need and work together.  Anyway, we're really excited.  Daniel looked up some of the codes and it's actually legal for us to have a cow back there!!!  Wooo hoo!  Yay milk!  We don't have any experience with milking a cow, but I imagine that SOMEONE in our congregation does. Building community with this project is one of the things I'm really excited about.... Daniel and I know how to do everything chicken related, but we don't know squat about gardening or milk cows (ok we have book/head knowledge... but we don't have much experience).  But I KNOW there are people in the church who do know how to do this stuff.  Which is so cool.  I'm hoping everyone will pitch in their knowledge and ability and that we can have a really awesome thing going on back there... I'm also hoping it will be a teaching/learning experience for all of us as we share our skills and abilities.  I would love to see everyone at church keep a few chickens and a small garden in their own yard, and one of the points of this project is to teach the Church that they are able to do this!  Anyway, I am just rambling now.   I probably should make paragraphs or something.  I'm really excited.  In my head it's super cool... I really hope we can make it that way.  :) :) :)

In other news, my brother David is going to be in Wichita Falls on Wednesday touring with his band, The Crimson Armada.  That's only about 6 hours from us, but I don't think I can go.  I'm really sad, I would love to see him.  Here's a video of their music (caution: very loud and scary-sounding).  Totally not my style, lover of all classical music that I am, but I do love my brother.  He's the drummer.  The music actually starts at 16 seconds if you wanna skip the yelling people.  


Luanne in Ohio said...

Just a note to your blog readers from Kristin's mom (who is also mom of the drummer): David is an amazing drummer....not sure if that can be seen or heard clearly from this clip. And, TCA (The Crimson Armada) is a life metal band, which promotes a no-drug, no-alcohol, no-violence, faith lifestyle.

Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Hehe, you're so funny..."if you wanna skip the yelling people..." :) That's awesome about the land behind your church. Definately keep us updated on the progress! There is so much wasted land here in Texas, it's ridiculous.