Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy B-day party!

We had so much fun Saturday at Daniel's birthday barbque!  I just loved it.  Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures.... I was very busy enjoying all our wonderful friends.  I am still just amazed at the wonderful people God has brought into our lives.  I am so thankful for sincere, caring, thinking, loving friends.  We had such a good time... I think I need to throw a party every weekend.  :)  Thanks to everyone who came and made our time together so joyful and happy!!

Abby and Anna watching the chickens at the party!  The kids (all 14? of them) loved the chickens.

Natasha, Lexi, and Jessy (visit Jessy's blog to see this picture of Zeke and her husband, Greg!)

Ezekiel and our new garden!  It's still unplanted, but I'm glad that we haven't planted it yet because today is really cold (lows in the 40s) and wet and windy.  Blah.  We were going to do a wooden border, but we already had all these bricks so we used them instead.  My only concern is the bricks falling over... Daniel says we can stick a rod or something (through the holes in the bricks) into the ground to keep everything in place.
Just as I was writing all this, I heard my chickens squabbling very loudly outside... I could tell something was wrong!  I ran downstairs and out into the backyard, only to see a hawk trying to get into my chicken coop!  If you don't keep chickens then you probably think it would be pretty cool to see a hawk in your yard... but hawks EAT chickens... he was down on the ground trying to figure out how to get in and have a nice afternoon snack.  Luckily I scared him away and my little babies are all ok, but I imagine this hawk will be back...  I will be really really upset if he gets one of my little girls.

Oh what do you all think of the yellow background?  Does it hurt your eyes?  I keep trying different colors and can't decide what I want...


Rachel said...

It was so much fun!!! We really love you guys and I'm so glad to see the picture of our girls enjoying the chickens! You are a marvelous hostess!

Paige said...

I'm glad to see that you all had such a great time! We had problems with hawks at my parents' house, but the chickens were in a large, completely fenced in pen. The first hawk to try it was VERY surprised by the new forcefield and went crashing into the wire full speed...they never tried it again after that!

So excited to see your garden! You'll have so much fun planting it!

Oh, and you must've changed the background because it's not yellow on my computer...