Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just another Wednesday...

I've done nothing productive today... and it's nearly noon.  I woke up feeling horrible for some reason (nauseated, achey, headache... not pregnant for sure!!).  I'm a little worried I may be getting sick.  Anyhow I haven't been able to snap out of it yet... normally coffee does the trick.  

My little volvo is in the shop today getting fixed.  We weren't sure we would fix it because it's old and needs a lot of work.  But you know, volvos are supposed to run forever and mine only has 193k miles so far!  We decided to fix it and I'm excited to get it back today.  I'm also excited because we have spent 2 texas summers with the volvo withOUT air conditioning... black leather seats... oh my goodness, there were some awful times in that poor car.  But no AC is not an option any more with our little guy.  So I am thankful for that!

So I hosted our church's supper club last saturday, and everything went well.  I met a sweet old widow named Barbara who is going to teach me how to sew!  I'm "sew" excited!!  :)  I think she is too, as she lives all alone and seems a little lonely.

Alright baby's crying.   Gotta go!   :)

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