Friday, January 23, 2009

He really wants to crawl

Why oh why do I take so long to post?? I seriously form all these cool blogs in my head, thinking, "oh I can write about such and such or this and that..." and I think about what pictures I will put up, and how I should link to whatever random page.  And then I don't do it.  By the time I DO blog, I forget all my cool ideas and feel like I have nothing to say.  It's so sad!

We have Daniel's family here now, and we're having a lot of fun.  My mom flew back to Ohio Thursday, and then just a few hours later his family pulled in with their giant RV which is now parked in front of our house.  They are so happy to see their first grandson!!  

So I made this adorable sweater for my friend Sarah's new baby, Aleah... when she was born, it was all finnished except for the buttons weren't sewn on.  Then we were sent to Houston with Ezekiel, and by the time we got back she was already 10lbs-ish and was too big for the sweater!  "That's OK," I said to myself, "my brother-in-law and his wife are having a little girl (London) in a few weeks, I will give it to her."  I then made Aleah a sling instead of the sweater.  Meanwhile, I complete the buttoning of the sweater.  But I don't take it to the post office and send it... and now she's outgrown it, too!  Come on Kristin!!  It is still ok, though, because our friends Kim and Jordan just had a little girl, Mercy (Ezekiel's future wife?).  Now it's Mercy's sweater.   And it WILL get to her on time because I'm sending it back to KY with Daniel's family.  Meanwhile, I am casting on for the same sweater in a bigger size for London.   This is such a great example of ways I can learn to be more responsible!  ;)  

Have I mentioned that I am sitting on my knees in front of the computer?  The chair is downstairs.  I had no intention of actually writing a blog right now, but upon seeing how desperately  I needed to do so, I plopped down to say a quick hello, and now this video is taking FOREVER to upload so I keep writing...  Ok w'ere finally done!!! 

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saylor days said...

yay! he's so big i love him! do you remember how big the sweater you made for saylor was? because he was able to wear it for a bit even though he was a big baby. are you liking your sling?