Sunday, January 4, 2009

All is quiet on the Pike front

I haven't blogged in a while because we have friends visiting!  Aimee and Nathan!  We are having a blast.  I just love having people over.  I really think I am about 99% extroverted... I never thought I was, but I am learning that I was wrong.  I love being around people almost allllll the time.  Anyhoo, they are here for a week, and we are doing all sorts of fun things.  First of all, Aimee already made us homemade bread AND she is going to make a bunch of casseroles tomorrow to stick in our freezer!! Awesome!!  I am so excited to not cook for a while.  She is also going to make me homemade laundry soap, and I am thrilled!  Apparently this recipe makes 5 gallons at a time-- that's like 150 loads or something-- this stuff will last forever!  I am soo excited!  We are also planning to make homemade soap.  Daniel and I normally make it, but we've been out of it for a while so I'm glad to have it again soon-- it's the best soap I've ever used.  I love it.  We wrote out a whole giant list of things to do-- they have to go to the river walk, and they are going to go over to Corpus Cristi sometime, and other things.  Lots of fun things.  Yay!

After they visit, Daniel's Dad and Teresa are coming down.  Thanks for all the awesome delicious organic pasture-raised chicken, beef and pork you sent down with Aimee and Nathan!  Our deep freezer is almost completely FULL now!!  THANK YOU!!

In other news, Daniel is completely back to work now, and a little sad.  He hasn't been on a proper schedule since May.  Yes, May.  In May/June he was in Peru for 6 weeks (for the military), and then in July he took a few weeks off so we could go to Kentucky/Ohio to visit family and go to camp (where we met as kids!).  Then BOOM right after we got back home (2 days) I went into early labor and had Ezekiel.  Well he had quite a few weeks off when Ezekiel was first born, and then was back to work half time until we brought Ezekiel home on December 5th, at which point he took more vacation days, leading up to Christmastime where he had MORE time off, and then now it's 2009.   I must say, though, for all the time off he had this year, he has waaay more than made up for it in previous years.  The military works you hard!  

Ezekiel is doing really really well.  Last week at the doctor's he was 9lbs 6oz, so he's probably close to 10lbs now!  He's off of his oxygen almost all the time.  He's cooing and grabbing at things, and he's started holding his own hands.  He can push himself up when he's on his tummy, he has good head control, and he can scoot all over the place (but not crawl).  He tries really really hard to roll over but hasn't really made it yet.  He is so sweet, and we love him.  He sleeps well.  He's a little doll!  I'm crazy about him!   I have a lot of pictures that I need to upload from the camera.  I will have to put some more up soon.  Today is his "two month" birthday, as it is two months past his due date.  Tuesday will be his "five month" birthday, as he will actually be 5 months old.  He's so wonderful and I am so thrilled to have him!!  

Happy New Year everyone!!!


Luanne in Ohio said...

Hi Ezekiel! Hi Nathan and Aimee! Have a great time & do lots of fun things.
Grandma Luanne in Ohio

P.S. Just one cute, NEW picture of the world's cutest preemie baby boy? Ezie withdrawal happening here!

Teresa said...

Hi, everyone! Grandpa read your blog this morning and tried to post a comment to my latest one and yours, but to no avail. LOL. They are so cute!
You are sooo welcome for the chicken, beef and pork! Hope you enjoy!
Can't believe he's nearly 10 lbs now! Way to go Zeke!

Gma Kentucky aka Teresa

Greg, Jessy, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Hi guys! You don't know me, but my husband was one of Ezekiel's Nurses at WHMC! He remembered you mentioned your blog one time so we 'googled' you! :) Glad to see Ezekiel is doing so great. He is just adorable!

Goldie said...

I am so happy for you. Sounds like everything is going wonderfully well!!!! Yaay!