Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skip the first paragraph if talking about breast milk makes you queasy.

I warned you....

I found this today, and I am so excited.  I wonder if it will work for us.  I've been pumping since Ezekiel was born, and for a while I was getting a lot of milk and storing it up in the freezer.  Now I only make a few ounces a day (today was 3) AND our freezer-stash is almost completely gone.  I've been so sooo sad about this, but what can I do?  I've tried EVERYTHING to get my milk supply up, to little avail (so far).  We've only got maybe a weeks worth of milk left in the freezer.  If you want to buy it from a milk bank, it is a WHOPPING $3.50 PER OUNCE!!  Incredulous!!  Who can afford that??!  Not us.  So I am fairly hopeful about this new milk exchange thing.  Of course, you have to be careful, but I think the website does a good job explaining about making sure you get good milk.  The next time I have a baby I would love to be able to donate milk for someone else- what a blessing!

I've been "tagged" by Nathan to make a bucket list.  The things I want to do before I die... well, off of the top of my head I want to.....

be a conductor of a wonderful orchestra
swim in lakes without fear/paranoia of giant fish biting my legs
knit a lot of awesome things
be an awesome mom/grandma/great-grandma
read more books, learn more things
know God more
learn how to quilt
travel across the country hippy-style
go to Alaska
go to New Zealand
have a sustainable farm with an intentional community
live a sustainable/frugal lifestyle
birth my children at home
learn to be more disciplined
get a pedicure (can you believe I've never had one?!!)
fall in love with my husband... over.. and over... and over...
Read Ezekiel (my son's namesake is the only book of the bible I've never completely read!)
learn to build things (furniture, houses, etc)
live in a YURT!!!
hike the Appalachian trail
learn to garden well

I know there are more things... but Daniel says it's time to go to bed.   

I am tagging ALL of you! :)

Goodnight! :)

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