Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Our neighbor's (the ones with the evil dog) house was on fire the other day. My mom was visiting and she and I were trying to watch Lost on the computer (which was disappointingly a re-run!!!) when we heard this cracking noise outside and smelled smoke. I thought there were kids setting off fire crackers in the woods behind our house, so I told mom to shut the window. When she went to shut it someone was out in the street yelling "call 911 there's a fire!!" We ran outside and sure enough, there was one. No fun. The cracking sound we heard was the neighbor's windows cracking from the heat. The house wasn't up in flames or anything, but I could see flames in the downstairs windows. Luckily no one was hurt. In this picture, our house is the one on the left (the garage) and the house in the center is the one on fire.

This picture is from our upstairs window. There were 4 firetrucks and 3 police cars.

And here are our baby rabbits! (well some of them) They are so cute! I love them. :O) They love eating grass.

Well Daniel and our friend Kyle went up to Kentucky for a week. They are visiting the farm, and starting some farming endeavors of our own. We bought a ban saw mill together so we can mill lumber to build chicken and pig shelters. They are working hard, and they are so busy that I have only talked to Daniel maybe a total of half an hour in the 3 days he has been gone.

My mom also left this morning from a 5 day visit. We had a good time and I wish she was still here b/c it's really lonely all by myself. :O(

Michelle, I am going to do a goat photo shoot just for you. Check back soon!!


saylor days said...

yay pepper/coconut photo shoot! ok 'goat photo shoot' makes me laugh out loud. but i do wish i could meet them in real life.try to get a picture of them standing on the cement block!!!
i like your farming blog!

Goldie said...

Oh goody! Bunnies! I am so excited to finally see the pictures. I wish I could come over and hold them.

That fire seems scary! How is their house now? Glad no one was hurt and it didn't spread!

Seeing pics of your hood makes me crack up to think what you have hidden in the backyard! lol