Sunday, April 20, 2008


We went tubing down the guadalupe river yesterday. It is a beautiful clear wide river with a nice stone bottom. It was mostly 3-5 feet deep-- perfect for swimming. We had a lot of fun! And we are absolutely toasted-- but just on our front halves. We were both moaning last night trying to go to sleep without moving. It felt like my legs were on fire. Our friend Natasha went with us, along with her 3 kids (5, 2, 1 years old) which made it more fun. It was a great trip! I don't have any pictures, though, since you know, my camera doesn't like to get wet. Here are a few from the internet!

I love this one-- isn't that beautiful? Where we went looked more like this, except the river was wider. :O)
Anyhoo, everything else is going well. Daniel is leaving to go to Peru for 6 weeks on may 3rd, so I will be all by my lonesome. I am thinking about going to Ohio/Kentucky for a month while he is gone, but we have sooooo many animals to take care of here at our house. (pets: rabbit, 2 parakeets, rat. Backyard animals: 2 pygmy goats, 8 chickens, 11 rabbits) We plan to board the goats-- there is a lady at our church who has goats, but I still need to find out who she is, call her, and see if she would be willing to board them. Then I need to hire a neighbor to come over every day to feed everyone. Good grief! It would almost be easier to just stay home, but I think I would just die. Daniel was gone for just a week a few weeks ago and I was very sad and lonely. Plus my little brother is graduating from highschool, so I want to go see him. Here he is! With my dad, too! (this pic is from their visit in January) I just can't believe he is almost 18!! He was so little when I went off to college! :O(

Ok michelle, here are the goat pictures you've been waiting for!!!

The goats are now out of their moveable shelter and freely roaming around the yard. They like to wait for us by the back door, and they desperately want to come in the house, for some reason. They always dash for the door when we come out, as if we don't see them. It's so cute! Anyway, I guess I could't possibly write a blog without saying something about my goats. :O)


saylor days said...

that is hilarious! i love it.just chillin, perchin' on a cement know.yay come to columbus

Sarah said...

That's cute how the goat perches. I'm glad to read about your adventures. I hope Daniel has a great trip! Come see me in Swoope in July! :)