Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A sad day

Oh I am just soo sad right now because I just read an e-mail from camp sychar's president, Gary Campbell, saying that Dr. Buswell has died. If you are a sychar person, then you understand how sad this is. I mean it's great because he really loved the Lord and he got to go home, but it's really sad for his family and it is a loss for camp. I remember listening to him talk this year and thinking about him passing away and how camp would be changed because of that. And now it has happened. And poor Dr. Campbell already lost his wife durring (or shortly after?) camp this year. I just don't want good people to die. There are some people, that when they die, I feel like the world will just no longer hold any good. I know this isn't true, but it's so sad for good people to go when we live in such a crappy world that needs them. My heart is just grieving.

Well I am so sad about that, but there is also a lot of stuff going on in our lives right now, so I got on the computer to write about all that but somehow now it feels akward to write about my life after learning this sad news. But I still want to write about all of it sooo...

Today is the day before thanksgiving. Well, a few days ago daniel's mom really freaked out on us (she lives with us) and so we are having a rough patch. I don't want to go into a lot of details, but it will suffice to say that we were (are) trying to help her get her life straightened out, but it's been difficult. Anyway I guess I am most worried because she never came home last night. I haven't seen her for 3 days but I could at least tell she had been in the house (dishes in the sink, stuff moved around, I would hear her come home after we had gone to bed, etc.) I looked in her room/bathroom for a note and it looks like she packed up her essentials. No note, and we haven't heard a word. Daniel isn't too worried and pretty much fed up with everything, but I am a little worried. I wish she would at least call to tell us if she is staying with a friend or what. You can pray for her. and us.

Meanwhile, Daniel is going to the promotion board on tuesday, so he is studying ALOT. And working incredibly long days-- 12-16 hours, and then he comes home and studies. It's awful. But after tuesday things will get better.

We also got MORE chickens. So we have our 3 egg layers, and now we have 29 new chickens. I know, 29 sounds like a lot. But it's really not. I should put up a picture. They are only 2 weeks old so they are still little yellow fluff balls. They have been in a box in the kitchen, but we just put them outside yesterday. They have a 5'x7'x2' moveable, bottomless shelter with chickenwire walls and a roof over half of it incase it rains. When they are 8 weeks old they will be full grown, and we will "process" (ie kill) them and put them in the freezer. Wahlah-- our own, homegrown, pastured, totally-organic, better-than-free-range chickens. Thankyou Joel Salatin!! We have done this once before in our backyard, and it was absolutely the best chicken I've ever eaten in my life. Really, if you have a backyard you can do this and it is a great way to get healthy and affordable meat. We certainly can't afford to buy "organic" chickens at whole foods, and we don't want to because they are filthy with oil--- shipped all the way from california. ANYWHOO I could go on and on.... read "You Can Farm" by Joel Salatin. He is one of our heroes!!

SPEAKING of heros, we found someone to vote for!! We were really dissapointed with all the presidential candidates until we found Ron Paul. Google him, or look him up on youtube. Anyway I will write about it more but I need to go cause daniel needs the computer. There you go, a new blog.


saylor days said...

yay and it's green!
so sorry you are in a rough patch. will pray,and let's talk. so sad about dr.buswell! and your home how was thanksgiving? at first i thought Wahlah was the name of one of your chickens! i think you should name one of them that.wahlah.
daniel is such a hard worker!
i gotta try this chicken.maybe when we have a yard we'll do it.
love you

Kristin said...

You SHOULD do some chickens! it's really easy. It's great!