Sunday, October 28, 2007

cluckity cluck cluck cluck!

We got chickens today!! Here they are. Oh they are just so cute.
We found them on craigslist, which I just love by the way. We drove to the north side of town to pick them up from this adorable little asian woman who has all sorts of different birds she keeps. These ones are some sort of particular bantam (ie small) breed. That is why they don't have feathers on their necks. Pretty ugly, but they lay eggs!! We have them in an enclosed area right now, but in a few days when they learn that this is their new home we are going to let them go all about the yard. I am sooooo excited about the eggs. They should each be laying an egg every day or two.
And here are our pygmy goats! The grey one is Pepper and the tan one is Coconut. Pepper is full grown! They are both girls, so we are going to breed them when they are ready, and then we are going to milk them and we will have our own milk!! Until then, we are joining a raw milk co-op and I am oh- so excited. We will get our first gallon of organic raw milk on wednesday.

This is a crazy spider living in our back yard. I normally hate spiders but I think this one is so pretty that it doesn't scare me. Actually I've seen quite a few of these out in the yard, either bright orange or yellow.

This is one of our tomatoes! It just looks so pretty. It still has a bit of growing to do. This is our first successful garden ever!! If you really want to garden and do it well without a ton of weeding then you should read this book called "square foot gardening" by Mel Bartholemew (sp??). It's a really really really good book.

Ok well time for bed!


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

You are very good at taking pictures! So exciting the things that you are doing-I feel way to lazy to be so proactive-I really think it's cool the things that your are doing!! Yay for finding a new church :)

shutterthink said...

I can't wait to start reading that book! We're planning on starting a sq ft garden in the spring!

saylor days said...

kristin if you don't write a new blog i'm going to punch you! i hope you read this soon. cluckity cluck cluck well now you're making eggs from these chicks hello!! love you.