Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Thursday

Well here I sit on this lovely thursday. This morning was so nice-- it was a crisp 66 degrees out when I went to work. AAhhhhhh..... Anytime it's below 69 or so I put the seat-heat on in my car and so that was nice. I love seat heat. Of course now it is quite hot out again, but at least the nights are cooling off some now.

ANYWAY I guess we are having a nice week. Daniel has to go to some mandatory military drinking game party tonight. What the heck is that? Who knows. Anyway, I am enjoying my much cleaner house and baked pizza from scratch last night and bread from scratch today. I'm on a roll. I even had time for a short snooze on the couch this afternoon, and I just love those.

Well there are ppl at our door-- better go!


saylor days said...

yes you are on a roll from baking! a bread roll.haha! haha for me anyhow... hmm.
mandatory drinking game... whaaaat the flip?!
ya i would have hoped the bio mother would have at least nursed while in the hospital.oh my GOSH i cannot imagine giving up a child that was literally my flesh and blood.and had carried.i hope things are going well with your friends tho! i have the same feelings regarding breastfeeding. it's the only thing i get all worked up about.ok ok it's the thing i MOST get worked up about. the Lord has worked on me in this tho.when i'm annoyed,indignant, judgmental,skeptical,righteous.etc!...he's like 'michelle really, is this what life is about?! is this what you want to make life about?!' and i'm humbled.
oh i do wonder tho if she didn't do it even once to protect herself and the baby from bonding?! oh my gosh that makes me cry! sheesh. but really congrats to your friends for baby tristan!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Yay for your friends and the new baby!! I do think that it was probably hard enough as it was to give the baby up, I've seen mom's have to go through that, and to start to breast feed would just make it even harder-like Michelle said-would increase bonding and the like. Easier to just let the baby go-some mom's don't even want to see the baby again-not out of meanness, but to put up that wall to protect themselves. And I'm all for breastfeeding too-but it will definitely be okay-I bet you won't even think of it....Emily's breastfed, and she still gets colds all the time....Good luck to your friends though-Congrats to them-I'm sure they'll have enough loving to ease the anxiety!!! I'm writing a lot!! Have a good weekend!!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

OH yeah-and I wish I had heated seats!!!! Love em!!!