Friday, October 26, 2007

New church for us

Well we have started going to a new church. It's kind of sad in many ways for me, but very good for my hubby and exciting for us both. I guess I will explain. When we moved down to TX, we started going to a nice, very very very small (ie like 30ish ppl) non-denominational, wear-your-jeans-to-sunday-service type of church. the "contemporary" type, I guess. One of the best things about this church was the very enveloping people-- as soon as we started going we were invited over to ppl's houses for dinner, we recieved help moving into our house, etc. Very welcoming and loving. Well I attached pretty quickly and started playing cello every week in the worship team, and pretty soon I felt a little overly-committed since we hadn't visited even one other church. Daniel was overall discontent with this church even though he liked the people. I should mention one other thing: through our 3 miscarriages this summer, a few of the women in the church were very supportive and loving towards us, helping me get through that time. They prayed for us a lot, which was wonderful and encouraging. Anyhow, in the meanwhile daniel stopped coming while I was still going. he finally said he wanted to find a new church, so there we were in this situation where I had all these emotional ties and friendships, whereas he didn't feel so strongly. So I went for a few more weeks working up the guts to tell my friends I wasn't coming anymore. I finally did this sunday. It was sad and depressing, and I hated to do it because this church has lost a lot of ppl. But it was best for our family in general and daniel is really excited to try new churches. We will keep in contact with some of our friends from there, too.

Anyhow, so we went and visited a church this sunday. It is literally a half mile from our house. A few weeks ago some women came through our neighborhood to invite ppl to come. And then when we looked up "spirit filled church" online for our city, this was the first one that popped up. When we went we were made very very welcomed-- a million ppl came and talked to us. OH and one of my favorite customers at starbucks (she has nine kids!!) just so happens to go to that church! We were just smothered with hellos and welcomes and "we're so glad your visiting"s. And the preching was really good. Very bible based and honest. The music was ok--- a little too loud, but I think that about nearly every church. I only knew one song, and I liked that. We also went to a bible study on wednesday and the ppl were just great. Really. They were all older than us, in their 30's and 40's, but honestly we really fit into that age group better than in our own, and I like being around people older than me because I can learn alot from them. So we are feeling refreshed and excited about this church. We will see where it goes. It would be prudent of us, I think, to visit some others, too, but we really did just feel at home at this one. They even brought homemade cookies to our front door on monday night! I guess the most important thing to do would be to pray about it. Anyway, it's exciting. I am excited to find a church that is changing people's lives. I want to be involved in a community of believers that really love and serve people, you know?

Anyhow it's refreshing to be in this transition. And I am so happy because it is the weekend!!

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saylor days said...

wow i'm glad you found a new church! how did your friends at the other church react, was it ok? oh and online scrabble is on facebook... i just joined and i think i like it better than myspace! it's really different, hard to get used to,but fun... you should join too, if to just play scrabble with me!! haha..but seriously! love you