Friday, September 28, 2007


Our neighbors got robbed today! What the heck, in the middle of the day!! Daniel and I were home, napping after work. I just can't believe it. Someone just walked right into their open garage door and tried to walk right in the house. Bill (the neighbor) heard the door jiggling and went and opened it and there were 2 mexican guys right there! They stole their stereo out of the garage. Bill had a fake gun which he was pointing in their direction. i just can't believe this happened. THe other night a few cars got broken into as well. But I must say that really these robbers are picking the wrong neighborhood to mess with because nearly the entire neighborhood is military and they nearly all have guns, and are good shots too. (You should have heard the conversation taking place out in the court with all of the angry neighbors.) It's really sad. We've seen suspicious vehicles driving around, and now i am very uncomfortable. I mean I don't care if they steal our stuff, and we really don't have a lot of nice stuff to steal. It's just scary to think of someone literally walking into my house. In Texas there is a law that if someone is breaking into your home or on your property after dark you are allowed to shoot them, or so i hear.... we plan to look that law up and see what it actually says. Anyhow I certainly feel safe with my husband home, but what if I was home alone? What would I do? It's jsut weird because we live in a nice neigborhood. It is next to a bad neighborhood, but they are separated by a woods and a stream, so I never think too much of it. Oh well.

We canceled our weekend getaway. We are still going ot go up to fredericksburg tomorrow for the day, but no staying for the weekend at a bed adn breakfast.... it would just be too much considering that we ahve to hire a lawyer. I had expected to hear back from a lawyer i contacted today, but didn't, by the way.

Ahhh well other than the robbery i;ve had a really nice day. took a nice long guilt free nap after work which i love. daniel got home early, too, so that was nice. And I think we are going ot go rent a movie which was recomended to me by my favorite customer at work.... it's called "the ultimate gift".... I hope it's good. Sounds like a cheezy christian movie title to me, but I could be wrong.

Well I had better go now. :O)


shutterthink said...

Man, you are so resilient.
I pray that there will be no more robberies and for you to feel safe.
I am so sorry you didn't get to go to the B&B! I hope you had a great day, anyway. And yay for naps! (I just woke up from one :)

saylor days said...

those robbers were the ones knocking on your door whilst you napped!!! don't you think?! i mean come on. well that is unsettling regardless.keep your doors locked. it'll be ok! i just got omnivore's dilema.