Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Mmmm I just got up from a nap and I feel oh-so-much better than yesterday. Opening at work has been getting to me lately-- I usually open 4 days a week and I get very tired by the time I'm off, I think just because we get up so early (3:45a.) Anywhoo, I am glad to say I did my 2 hours of cleaning yesterday and it was ever-so productive. It was great. I am about to go start my time today.

Well this homeless guy came into work today to get some coffee and how can I possibly charge him when he is just handing me some sparse change, and so I gave him a cup free. Well later i go to take my lunch and he is outside there still, and so I offered him half my sandwich because surely he must have been hungry. Well he takes it, and then he meanders around a little, and then comes and sits down at my table and starts to talk. And he was pretty much crazy, but it was sooo sad and what are you supposed to do for someone like that? He kept talking about pot and cigarettes and how he needed a wife and all sorts of crazy "metaphysical" stuff (if you can call it that.... because, he was crazy). I'm telling you it was weird and so sad, and what was I supposed to do? I listened to him and tried to tell him that God is good and wants him to have a good life free from all the bondage he was in. He also kept talking about God and church. It was sad. His name was Carl. I am slightly concerned that we will continue having homeless people come into work because a different one came yesterday to get a "sample" of coffee. I have qualms with giving them free coffee because we have hard-working customers who come in every day and pay for the exact same thing. It sure seems unfair. But of course I have no idea why these ppl are in the position they are in. And of course the bible says to give to those who ask. It doesn't say determine if they deserve it or not. But I guess if it becomes some sort of problem our manager will tell us to stop giving them coffee.

Lately durring my after-work naps someone keeps coming and knocking on our front door. And of course I don't answer it because I am napping! Who is this mysterious individual? It wasn't ups because there was no package. No note. probably just a sales person. But still i am curious. But I'm just not going to get up to go get the door. Maybe they will come by again tomorrow. I always get this knot in my stomach every time someone comes to the door because we have miniature goats in our backyard and we aren't supposed to (we live in a normal neighborhood with a home owners association). I always think its someone coming to complain. Anyway our goats are so cute-- at fullsize they are only knee high!! They are called pygmy goats. We got them so we could have fresh raw milk. But we need to breed them first so that they start lactating, of course. And we did check with our immediate neighbors before getting them and they were fine with it. So really we should be fine. Their names are pepper and coconut. They are cute and they like us. And we like them.


saylor days said...

homeless ministry is tough.
i would love to see a picture of pepper and coconut you must post a picture! i love that that's why you get nervous when someone's knocking on your door. you'll have to let me know how the goat milk tastes,have you had it before?

shutterthink said...

Man, this is so awesome. My heart was just breaking in the first paragraph, then I was cracking up all the way through the second.
I am reading through James right now and I love it because it is so practical. I thought of that verse that says "Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, "Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." Your faith and deeds are so apparent in just one lunch break, it's great.
And I love that you have illegal mini-goats in your backyard. You're a different kind of rebel. :)

Kristin said...

It's so fun to hear from you beth!