Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Ok well, we are being sued. I mentioned it the other day and so now i will share the story...

Daniel was in a car accident almost 4 years ago (4 in January) and unfortunately at the time did not have insurance. (He was 18 at the time and had been on his mom's policy. She dropped him off of it without telling him, and so at the time of the accident when he thought he had insurance he didn't. pretty much sucks.) Anyhow, so now out of the BLUE we get a freaking court summons saying we are being sued! And we have to hire a lawyer which looks like it will be at least $2000. Geeze. Honestly I have so many emotional reactions I don't even know where to start. First of all I am incredibly depressed about it because we have worked so hard for our savings (we scrape up as much as we possibly can every year to put in our IRA) and it could possibly just be taken away from us. Then I am angry because how unjust is this? My hardworking husband who is serving his country and is the most honest, upright, just man you could ever find, being sued!!?? Thirdly I am overwhelmed because I really have no idea what I am doing. I spoke with a few laywers in kentucky (where the accident was) today and that was disheartening. Sigh. There is one glimmer of hope, though. There is a servicemembers civil relief act (AKA soldiers and sailors relief act) which could possibly dismiss the case (???). I will speak with one of the lawyers tomorrow to see what he finds out about that. Plus the accident was nearly 4 years ago and let me tell you, it was a minor little fender bender. MINOR!!!! the other guy's car was completely fine. And please excuse me if you take this comment as racist, but I don't think it is: the other guy was middle eastern and my mother (who has worked for lawyers for years) told me that a lot of foreign ppl in the US view car accidents and law suits as the way to get rich in america. I don't know if that is valid or not. But interesting, none the less. And of course I have all sorts of conspiracy theories running through my head, but I will spare you. Anyhow you could pray for us because ultimately this is an attack from satan who the bible says comes to steal kill and destroy. A thief. But Jesus came that we could have abundant life. So I am trying to be hopeful.

Well the house cleaning is going well and I am happy about it. Unfortunately we aren't going to spinning class tonight bc daniel has to work late. Poor husband. He is in a 6 month something-or-another for work and can't take any leave and is putting in at least 60 hours a week, although by the time fridays roll around it usually is closer to 75ish. He works so hard.

I am getting really excited for out little getaway weekend in Fredericksburg. It will be so nice! I will take the camera and post some pictures!

Still really hot out. Today it was 94. But next week the high is only 88. Yay fall.

Ok well I guess I'm done for now. Oh no wait--- I have a girl name for a baby. Whenever we have one that is (read: I am not pregnant.) Here it is: Bella Lucile Pike. "beautiful bringer of light" is what it means. And we will call her Lucy!!

Ok well i should get going now. :O)

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saylor days said...

ok so i'm just going to have to comment all the time.and there's a million different things i wana say.basically we need to be talking on the phone everyday but-different cell phone
yes bella! that's what sarah calls it.i'm so sorry bout the suing-same thing happened to sarah! MINOR accident,like 3years later out of the blue! come on people![i wana hear your conspiracies! heehee] poor daniel. and you.will pray.
hooray for cleaning!
i think i'm ok with invitro. i draw the line tho at using your eggs with donated sperm or vice versa.if the child is only 1/2 of one of you...i would think it could be an then why not adopt at that point.but ya.
this is long.i'm glad you have a you!