Friday, February 1, 2008

Stupid Dog!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I had a crappy crappy day at work today, and then come home to find my 5 beloved chickens DEAD in my backyard. The neighbor's stupid dog chewed a stupid hole in the fence and came and killed all our chickens. And pooped in our yard. I am sooo mad. They were my little babies- I loved them. 2 were already laying and the other 3 would have started laying in the next month. The neighbor didn't seem to really care at all. WOW I am so angry and upset I can't even think of what to write! I loved my chickens. :O( The chicken in the picture was Patty. We also had Petunia, Paprika, Mrs. Black, and Mrs. Brown.
I'm just glad our dear little goats have their moveable shelter... otherwise they may have been goners, too.


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I can't believe that the neighbor didn't even seem to care!!! It would have been different for them if it were their dog that got hurt/ bout your bad day!!!

Goldie said...

Hi Kristin! I am liking your blog so far! But I am hopping mad about the chickens. Injustice REALLY gets under my skin!!!! You have every right to ask them to pay for your chickens and repair the fence. Was this issue resolved in a satisfactory manner?

Kristin said...

Goldie, thanks for your rightous indignation about the chickens! I was really upset when it happened. The neighbors fixed the fence and they said they would pay us back when they had the money, but they haven't yet. I guess it's been a month and a half. Hmmm... Anyway, we are going to get new chickens today!! We found a guy on craigslist who has some for sale that are already laying, so we're excited :O)