Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ron Paul Success

I've been wearing my Ron Paul pin at work. I'm in customer service, so I see a lot of ppl every day and know most of my customers on a first name basis (I know some of their kid's and dog's names, too!) Anyhow, my lovely pin has sparked plenty of conversations, and many of my customer-friends have promised me they would look into him. Of course, i have come across a few supporters, too! Only one nay-sayer, which occured today. An elderly woman- she looked at me with a funny smirk and said, "Don't throw away your vote!" I said I would vote for him no matter what because he is an honest and principled person. I love how ppl just assume that voting outside of the main stream media coverage means you're throwing your vote away. Anyhow, I'm really loving all the conversations that have been sparked. I never go anywhere now without a hat, pin, and a ton of flyers in my purse which I hand out to ppl, stick on buletin boards, and stick on all the cars around mine in parking lots. I think that so far, just at work, I have convinced 3 or so ppl to vote for Dr. Paul. And that's just this week! ( I just started wearing the pin at work)

Anyhow, if any of you my dear readers are Thompson supporters (he's just dropped out) then look into Ron Paul! He is great! If any of you are Huckabee supporters, then consider Ron Paul! He is also a deeply committed Christian, even if he isn't the poster-boy-candidate for the religious right.

Ron Paul very intelligent man who wants us to live by the constitution. He is a 10-term congressman who has never compromised, never taken government-junkets, never voted to raise taxes. He has promised to bring troops home immediately. He is pro-life. Will abolish the IRS, NAFTA, NAIS, and many other bad government programs. These are just a few of his virtues-- the ones I can think of off the top of my head. He wants to give you back your personal liberties and responsibilities!!! Support Ron Paul!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Whoo hoo Kristin! I am wearing my pin and carrying slim jims in my purse too. And *gasp* I signed up as a precinct leader and I'm going to be walking door to door before our primary on the 12th. Here is a new post on my blog that you will like:

Sarah said...

Sorry I gave the wrong link on my first comment! :) You know how it goes when you get really excited and hit the publish button too soon.