Monday, June 21, 2010


Poor Zeke, my blog used to be completely centered around him! Now that he's big and healthy I guess I don't think to write about him as much. But my how he has grown! He's a big 21-month old now, his birthday fast approaching. Here are a few new things he's been saying lately:

kakack-- cracker (he says this constantly. He loves crackers)
lady-- Sadie, our dog
poe poe-- poop
diapo-- diaper
baybay-- baby
buddy-- I call him "little buddy" all the time so he started saying it.

Right now he's hiding behind the couch playing with "Lady," who he loves. I'm so thankful she's a gentle, good dog because Zeke sees no problem with poking her face and yanking on her ears and tail. We're constantly saying "gentle Zeke, gentle!!" and he will remember for a while but soon forgets, of course. She has never once nipped or growled at him. The other day I came into the living room to find them both underneath the couch. Zeke just had a hand sticking out. He's in such an exploratory age. I love to watch him play. He looks at books all the time, and is constantly bringing us books to read him. His favorite is "the going to bed book." What would we do without that book?! He also loves carrying around his puppy (which is actually a lion) and hugging it and patting it's back. I mean, how sweet is that??! He's a very sensitive and gentle little guy. He jabbers to himself and to us all the time. I love when he is obviously telling a story or giving us important information in his little language, it melts my heart! He loves his shoes. He loves his bike. When I sit him in time out cries but doesn't even attempt to get up and escape, which I was surprised by and do not understand, but hey it makes my life easier! He loves brushing his teeth. He can play by himself for hours and stay entertained. He can follow lots of simple directions and find objects in other rooms of the house. He loves loves loves his two blankies- he can sleep anywhere if they are with him. He really needs a haircut but I can't bear to do it just yet, and he's too wiggly anyway. He's outgrown all the clothes I never thought he would grow into. Oh my pumpkin, I love you so much!!


Nathan and Aimee said...

I love you guys! I wish you could come over and play today! Aimee

mamasong said...

Oh my! That cannot be the same little boy we saw only 6 months ago!!! What are you feeding him? Seriously, he is soooo adorable, but you already knew that! Bless you guys, we'll hopefully come up to Staunton to visit you soon, right now the farm is in full summer swing so we are busy busy busy!

Paige said...

Awww...he's so cute! Can't wait to meet the little booger at camp! You ARE coming, right?

Kristin said...

Rachel- Can't wait to see you sweet lady! I've been thinking about you a lot this past week (meaning to call, of course!).

Paige- Definitely coming to camp! Woo hoo!!!

Aimee- Oh I miss you! :(

Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

How precious. I'm so happy for you Kristin. I just know that feeling of relief when you see your babies doing "normal" things after spending months & months worrying about them in the NICU.
And I love his hair. :)