Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poor neglected blog...

We are in Virginia now. I know, it's been too long. So sorry blog-land. The picture is the view out our front door!

It's been amazing how God has worked things out for us-- the duplex we were planning to rent fell through because the owner decided to lease it to someone who was signing a year lease instead, so I was scrambling like mad to find somewhere to stay! The whole issue was causing a lot of anxiety for me, seeing as we were just flooded out of our home, and then we're supposed to be moving to Virginia in a week and didn't have anywhere to go!! Well of course God had a plan and he just dropped a lovely place right in our lap, it's perfect for us, and much nicer than I was expecting. I am so thankful! Our landlord is a friend of a friend of a friend of my mothers (got that?!), and he attends the church we are attending. When I spoke with him on the phone I could tell that the house was going to be out of our price range, and it was. When I told him thanks but we couldn't afford it, he so graciously gave us $450 OFF each months rent!! Isn't that amazing?! It's so reassuring to know that there are good, caring people out there. Nearly everywhere we've ever moved we've found good people.

Meanwhile, Daniel had been working at Polyface farm for 2 weeks now, and he is LOVING it (of course!!). I am so happy for him, and proud of him for doing a good job. He leaves at 5am and doesn't get home until at least 9pm-- a couple nights a week he doesn't get home until about 11 or later. He's sporting an awesome farmers tan. He rocks my world.

We're going to a Mennonite church. We aren't Mennonite, but whatever, it's an awesome church. Honestly I wouldn't even know it was Mennonite except for that it says so on the sign out front. The people there have been overwhelmingly kind and helpful. We arrived in Virginia with just our cars and the things in them, no furniture, etc. because of the flood. In less than a week of being here the church community has provided us with: dining room table and chairs, two couches, dishes, misc. kitchen items, bed for zeke, bedroom set for us, lamp, iron & ironing board, sheets, blankets, pillows, and friendship. I can't believe how loving all these people have been, and I'm so thankful. They've made it such an easy transition. In many ways I don't want to leave Virginia-- it's beautiful here, Daniel loves working on the farm (although that's just for the summer), and we already have a community of people here to become friends with. I love being a Christian, I love the community it brings.

My mom is coming down from Ohio for a visit, she will be here in less than an hour, which means i need to go clean the bathroom-- i cut my own hair today, and it's still all over the floor. The hair that's still on my head looks cute, I'm so glad it turned out ok!!!


ASTRA REED said...

Really a wonderful story.. and good to know that you are nature loving person and having full faith on god.. and yea this is true in this world you will meet both kinda of persons good and bad persons both are the part of the society

Paige said...

Glass to hear that you all are enjoying it so much! I must protest and say that you MUST come back to Kentucky! Can't wait to catch up! I'll try giving you a call this weekend.

Kristin said...

Oh Paige, I do really want to come back! Yesterday I missed Kentucky for the first time, it made me sad.

Yes let's catch up soon!

astra reed- welcome to my blog :)

Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Yay! A new blog post! :) I was having withdrawals. :)

Melissa said...

Fun, Polyface farm! I've not been there, but we've read Mr. Salatin's books! I'm probably only like, um, a couple hours north of you! Welcome to VA, even if it is temporary! Praise the LORD for His provision for you and the church's helping with all these immediate needs.