Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chicken Tortilla Soup

I recieved 2 requests for our chicken tortilla soup recipe, so here it is!  I guess it's not actually ours, although we did modify it a little bit....

1-- we added a bag of frozen corn

2-- we left out the flour mixture since we try not to eat white flour.  The flour thickens the soup up a bit, but it's still delicious without it.  
3-- I don't add the sour cream until the soup served.  The cultures in sour cream help your body digest food, but if they are over-heated then they are killed and do no good.  

4--we use our own homemade chicken broth (which is easy to make!).  Here is more info about chicken stock then I bet you ever knew!!

5-- we did not use boneless-skinless chicken breasts.  We used pulled chicken from one of our backyard intensively-grazed, grass-fed chickens :) :) 

Speaking of nutrition, I found this blog, and I thought I would share.  Good info there!!  The Weston A. Price foundation has such a vast, vast wealth of nutritional information.  I love it! 

If you took time to look at all those links, you rock!  

Coming soon.... Brazilian Black Bean Stew!!  


Nathan and Aimee said...

Thank you, friend! Soon we will have some soup :) Aimee

Paige said...

Ok...moving our convo up the blog a bit...haha!

We'd love to have you come visit us wherever we end up!

Oh, and I've loved looking around at your blog! I was VERY interested in those Drexel cows or whatever they are. Dan and I have always talked about haivng a few animals and always leaned away from cows because they were too big and produced too much milk for all our use. Sooo...we were looking at goats, but I hear their milk can be strong tasting (and I'm not a huge milk drinker in the first place!) and I know that it can be harder getting their milk to separate because the fat particles are naturally smaller. Anyway, those mini cows seem like a great compromise and something in a more home-yard manageable size!

Are you and Daniel looking at getting any when you move back to KY?

Kristin said...

Oh yes the cows. Daniel can't wait to get some- he wanted to get one of the mini cows (the breed is called Dexter) for our backyard. He only half-jokingly talked about a "house cow". Yes, a cow in the house... sighhh....

anyhow, yes, we definitely want cows. We want to be farmers (yay farmers)!! And I was never a milk drinker at all until we switched to raw milk. Now I drink a ton of milk. Daniel and I go through almost a gallon a day! I've heard that goats milk has a stronger taste (never tried it even though we had goats for quite a while) but I also know it's higher in butterfat which makes it good for many things. As far as Dexter cattle go, though, we probably won't get one of those because they're more expensive.

Extra milk from a normal sized cow doesn't have to be a problem at all- you can raise a pig on milk and then have pork in the freezer. Extra milk can also be fed to chickens, and of course made into all those wonderful other dairy products. You can also sell raw milk (illegal in many states, but there are lots of ways around it) at a very nice price-- we pay $6.50 a gallon for ours, but I've heard of people paying up to $16 PER GALLON. I think the average is $10-12 per gallon.

So many options! SIGH. I can't wait to have a cow!

Kristin said...

OH and yes we would love to visit you all, and you're welcome to visit us too, here in Texas and wherever we end up :)

Paige said...

I glad to know that's there's still hope for my milk-drinking. I do manage to get by on whole milk--everything else just tastes fake to me! Keep me posted as to what other types of cows you'd be looking into. One plus to Dexers is that they live so long, so you would've have to shell out that pretty penny for them but only once ever 2 decades or so--providing you didn't keep one of your calves.

Haha, I still think a normally producing Dexter would outpace us slightly on the milk production. Who knows, though. Maybe we'd find a market for the milk and decide to raise more than just one or two! I like their size and hardiness, too!

I had no idea that raw milk was so expensive! I'm sure it's available here in Maine, but EVERYTHING is so expensive, so it's not quite in our budget, haha.